aio pump rattling noise. When this happens, it’s important to inspect the water lines and bleed the. Someone told me the oil pump might be bad and not getting oil pressure up there fast enough. NanoReefer2025 said: Hello everyone. Also in the past I used more well known AiOs like Kraken or other. You don't need to be a pro to get the job done successfully. How can they survive more than a few years of usage without starting to make a lot of rattling noise? I once had a borrowed computer with NZXT AIO cooling and it sounded like the pump will die very soon. Why is my AIO rattling? If you hear rattling or bubbling noises from your cooler, you should first confirm if the noise is coming . The pipes aren't under any strain or pressure at all. It is not constant, and it's not that loud, but I'm worried it's the sign of something failing. The CPU he was handling was going over 100 degrees. Typically it will go away on its own . 0 and the pump is driving me crazy. This paper presents test stand and field measurements of the pump. Anyways, had this bad boy on maybe a day, I come downstairs to hear a nasty grinding noise. Hi, I've been using a 6900xt LC strix card as well for a bit over a month now and basically have the same issues: (1) noisy fan bearings, (2) humming from the tubes & rad and (3) rattling/HDD-like noise from the pump. Pump runs at almost constant around 4100 RPM with no issue. If a PC with AIO liquid cooler got moved via long distance, there is a chance that the air bubbles, which is already there in the AIO liquid . AIO (all-in-one) water cooling solutions come with a closed-loop between a radiator with fans and a pump. It is especially noticeable on startup and shutdown. As I stated before, it sounds like air is trapped in the pump on the liquid cooler. I have a new installation with a Corsair H100i CPU cooler. The Corsair iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT is an easy AIO to recommend. The maximum recorded noise level on the ALSEYE M240 White was 57 dBA in an ambient noise level of 34 dBA. It is very noticeable, and is definitely coming from the pump. Pump noise caused by cavitation: Cavitation is a common pump problem that is characterised by a high pitched whining sound or, in extreme conditions, a severe rattling sound. This is probably the biggest quality-of-life improvement you can get by mounting the AIO in the correct orientation. 2 NVMe 512 GB (data drive) Samsung 980 Pro m. Don't ignore if you hear any sounds or buzzy noise from the pump area. Does installing the Silent Loop AiO limit the usage of the RAM banks?. Rattling noise from BeQuiet Silent Loop. Rattling sound coming from Cooler Master AIO. H100i rattling pump noise. In the video you can hear the constant pump whine and an extra rattle noise comming from the pump. After some investigation it appears to be coming from the liquid cooling part on the CPU. However, when the CPU fans reach 1200 RPM, there comes an irritating magnetic humming sound from the fans. The EK-AIO 240 D-RGB is an all-in-one liquid cooling solution for your CPU. This sound is caused by a condition in which a drop in fluid pressure causes cavities to form in the fluid, which rapidly implode (hundreds or thousands of times every. Closed loop CPU liquid coolers are often the most efficient way to manage thermals and noise in your PC. I started disconnecting fans and the pump and found out that it was . I've replaced the fans with some better quality ones, but the humming and rattling is driving me. I bought the AIO from AquaTuning on 17. In case, if the pumping machine leaks or fails to pump liquid, then it can create severe damage to your other PC parts. Re: NZXT X52 (240mm AIO cooler) sometimes loud (rattling) and not cooling? First thought is the pump is struggling to prime or is air/vapour locked, either way it's not shifting water. It's literally like a clicking / rattling sound. be/NE8YnzH803Y <-- THX EVGA for not letting me put in proper links. The noise is typically caused by air bubbles moving through the pump. It is making a low pitched noise, not super loud, but clearly the loudest component and extremely unpleasant to the ears. Joined Oct 25, 2006 Messages 1,726. Unremovable pump noise happens at the speed of Balanced mode and is different from either Performance mode or that of Quiet mode. Thread starter Sprayingmango; Start date Nov 10, 2016; Nov 10, 2016 this one makes a rattling noise. It's only AIO in home with 4 other air cooled systems. This needs to be fixed immediately before it causes damage to other parts of the heat pump. I bought my 3rd Aquaclear20 last night and finally I got one that is quiet and I am finally happy. Tame Corsair H100i Fan Noise Solved. Trapped air in the pump can sound grindy . if you started fighting with it when you got it, you shouldn't have. I do not think you would hear the pump outside of the. We have seen the fans creating noise over time after prolonged use. If it still makes a noise once upright contact PCS CS and/or Corsair for further invest or RMA of the H55. Gigabyte Aorus AOI Waterforce 360X. com: AORUS WATERFORCE 360 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, 360mm Radiator with 3x120mm Low Noise ARGB Fans, Rotatable ARGB Lighting Panel Design, Compatible with Intel LGA1700 (GP-AORUS WATERFORCE 360) : Industrial & Scientific. the mighty jet should've been tucked in the sump originally in the correct position. The computer is super silent except for the pump. On overclocked i6600k to clock 4. It's coming up to 2 years old but has rattled in some way from about 5 months old. Disclosed is a hum noise detection device provided with a frequency conversion unit (1) which Other recollections speak of an external humming noise, like aircraft, engines or a generator For the past few days, my Dell Inspiron 24 5459 AIO has been making this loud humming noise and I'm not sure why A humming sound heard at idle has to be something that moves even while the car doesn't They. Noise can come from fan bearings, fan resonating with the case due to no rubber mounts, graphics card fan, graphics card heat sink fins rattling, AIO pump noisy and yes coil whine. Good Day, I have just finished assembling my new computer, by using the Thermaltake RGB 360 TT. I'm really looking for something on the quiet side because the stock return pump is pretty unacceptable. Posted 02 January 2018 - 11:50 AM. 2 NVMe 512 GB (Windows 11 test) NVIDIA RTX 3080. It makes a constant clicking noise , and other than this noise my pc is completely quiet. The case needs to be gone over and tighten all screws. Brand new Corsair H115i PRO rattling pump noise. He wasn't very familiar with water pumps and told me that it was making a rattly/ gurgle noise. I tried to change profile and found its rpm is spiking downward in Quiet mode like 2000 to 900 occasionally. They must have a quality problem. Pump noise is an issue at full speed - we recommend reducing speed to 70 per cent or less to. quest_for_silence wrote: Blinky7 wrote: So I am thinking of getting a 120mm AIO for the cpu and a 140mm AIO for the GPU with an adapter G10 style. In the attached video, you can hear it a few times, notably towards the very end of the video. The This AIO is fully customizable with your setup featuring a a full LCD with video and text support. Put your ear to the handle and the tip on the radiator, then the pump. I'm having the same problem with my brand new H100i RGB Platinum. Could be the loose screw, could be hard hard drive, could be loose fan. Since then a constant ticking or rattling noise coming from the pump. 5"x4", so really not too much room to work with, but overall it's not a super tiny space. I paired this AIO with I9 9900k and I need it to run at least on Balanced for a good cooling but this sound seems the pump wil. 5GHZ Raystorm CPU Block, XSPC 360 Rad (3 X AP-15 Fans). January 2021 edited January 2021. Corsair is behind some of the best desktop CPU coolers, and the cooler clocks in at only around $120. If you don’t have an air separator installed, you will most likely have to deal with air in your system at some point. Rattling - check your case and determine what's rattling. Any ideas? Welcome! It looks like you're new here. 3-used both methods with Disabled BIOS controls and Q-FAN. If I threw a heavy enough load at it the noise would almost entirely subside. Note that there is a 120mm fan above the AIO cooler, in . once it comes in, you will need to remove the clips from the old fan with a Phillips head. A few days ago it started making a strange clicking noise while running. AIOs make noise, usually in an Aurora you'd expect it to be drowned out by a fan. It is similar to a deep vacuum cleaner sound. Unplug or turn your fans to 0% duty . Seemlessly integrate this all-in-one liquid cooler and your other AORUS devices with the support of RGB FUSION 2. Water cooling pumps always make some noise Loud noise is always a bad sign. The moving parts in the case is only AIO. How you mount your AIO cooler to your computer case is important. Answer: Congratulations, you just found out that AIO liquid coolers have a pump that makes noise, you could try to get a different AIO cooler to check if it's more quiet. Re: 3080 FTW3 Ultra Hybrid - Rattling Noise 2021/07/31 10:30:55 My hybrid kit had this weird issue where there would be this rattling almost grinding like noise while not under load. Anything with the pump noise Round 1 will have the same test conditions. I switched from Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 and pump was completely inaudible. Question H150i Elite LCD fan noise: Cases & Cooling: 9: Apr 14, 2022: Question Who makes the best quality computer cases? Cases & Cooling: 62: Oct 18, 2021: Question AIO Pump noise: Cases & Cooling: 0: Sep 25, 2021: M: Question Ultra-low noise please: Cases & Cooling: 5: May 17, 2021. The cause of this type of noise is almost always the air that is inevitably present in any AIO. Fans) with LIVEDASH OLED Screen, FanXpert Controls, support for Intel and AMD motherboards. I couldn't hear anything in your video. Everything worked perfectly out of the box, but a couple of days ago I started hearing this rattling, clicking noise coming from the pump, but only at low speeds. Max temp for your CPU is 71°, so 45-47 is totally fine. Now a few days ago, my pump started to make a high pitch noise and a lower frequency rattling noise. AIO Pump makes bubbling/rattling sound Generally, when the pump emits a rattling noise, it is not necessarily faulty. ASUS ROG Ryujin 240 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler 240mm Radiator (Dual 120mm 4-pin Noctua iPPC PWM. pump is a magnetic free spinning type so it the pump pressure inside the radiator is too much for the blade to work, the system will still see the pump spinning 3. Never looked at the pump but the sound was annoying. Among aquarium owners, the most common complaint is that the pump's vibrations cause a rattling noise. With Asetek liquid cooling, you may experience pump noise when installing your cooler for the first time or after relocating your system. Average EVGA CLC Pump Noise. At first the noise was intermittent, but now is constantly there (on quiet mode, pump RPM 1110). (Image credit: Cooler Master, EKWB) The best AIO cooler makes water-cooling your CPU extremely easy. the USB cable to the motherboard and the pump cable to the aio connector . I also don't like the frequency. Sometimes during normal use and most of the time while gaming, a rattling noise will come from somewhere in the AIO cooler. If you had 10 each 40 dbA fans running in the background that total is 50 dbA, so it doesn't take a whole bunch of fan noise to quickly mask pump noise "WHEN" the pump is properly decoupled. If that starts to give out, it will be a constant rattling noise. Im usually getting no noise when at idle but as soon as i start getting some load going the . My fans or pump are making noise?. This is however due to whining "driving" vibrating noise, not the rattling. Pumps do make noise but under normal conditions, the pump noise is bearable and very quiet. I used my H100i for example, but most of what I describe in the video can be ap. If the fan/heatsink are dirty. If the fans are the issue, please contact our Customer Support Team to ask for replacement fans. Usually it is the fan belt, which can fray and loosen because of wear. One good mounting position is to mount the radiator of the cooler at the frontal area of the case interior. An optimal mounting position not only decreases the amount of noise, but it also increases the longevity of your cooler. It shouldn’t be an airtight seal. I ended up flipping the computer on it's side. Re: Average EVGA CLC Pump Noise Friday, February 24, 2017 8:30 PM ( permalink ) ☄ Helpful. The slim margins between these large, 360mm AIOs shows us how close. And this trapped air will always rise and gather at the highest point in the cooling loop. When running at idle, there is noise from pump, clicking, ratling. The sound the OP describe could be a bad pump or an obstructed fan. Get a long screwdriver , use it like a stethoscope. Hasnt been running for a while) it makes a loud rattling noise like the valves clicking or something to that effect. The radiator is mounted to the top of the case and the pump beneath it. Avoid crimping the tubing or the cable. In quiet mode my pump is making rattling noise, which I can clearly hear through radiator and case fans' noise. Not only is there a noise coming from the pump, but you can feel the vibration of it through the pump housing. Letting the pc run on its side, taking the rad. During shipping and handling, air bubbles can get tr. Pump Noise: 6 Common Problems & How to Fix Them. This here sounds just like air trapped by the impeller and its pushing hard to get thru. The sound goes away when the card heats up and is in full load, I'ts so bad a very good aio like this can't controll the pump. From instalation till today (2 weeks of running) I have still same sound issue with this cooler. Hello i just bought an aio, just an ml120l v2. It may experience the pump noise when installing cooler first time or after relocating system. Some pump models also use the coolant to lubricate the pump itself. Dell (Asetek) AIO Liquid Cooler - loud, with humming noise. I now have pump mounted with ports pointing upwards and radiator has ports at the bottom. By Alchino March 14, 2021 in Posted March 14, 2021. AIO pumps are quite gentle and much quieter than the loudest PC parts like standalone pumps or HDDs, but not quite "I can keep it right next to my ear" kind of quiet. It's a fairly loud clicking or rattling noise that is by far the loudest thing on my . The DC-LT Low Noise Pump is the first suction pump in an All-In-One solution, which makes the pump noise much quieter due to better water flow. The pump is being used on a flat testbed, it is not in a case at a vertical angle. This is a 240mm version in a white color housing. My H100X pump doesn't rattle, but I don't like its sound otherwise. Plugging a computer into the sound system in an event can create buzzing - our PC Bal Box can get rid of this. To ensure that at least a portion of the radiator is higher than the pump. I initially had this problem from shipping. And i´ve done now a few days of research about my problem. using iCUE, if I change the pump speed to quiet, . The pump works louder than in balanced mode, in which this rattling noise is significantly reduced but not completely. The side of the radiator where the tubes connect should be at the bottom, and the pump should be mounted in a position where it is slightly lower than the top of the radiator. The temps for pump and CPU are quite normal and steady. I then decided to run a CPU benchmark and see if my CPU temp was going to go crazy high. It usually indicates a small air bubble has become trapped between the impeller and the casing of the pump. Hello, the pump on the CLC is very quiet and controllable through software. However, solid mounts and/or when users begin dipping below the 1000 RPM level are conditions where pump noise can. Temperatures are great and pump speeds look normal. Fractal Design is releasing its upgraded version of Celsius, the Fractal Design Celsius+ S36 Prisma AIO. Quote Reply Topic: AIO pump rattle. Here are some ways can reduce the air bubbles of the system. The manufacturer does not degas the liquid before putting them into the cooler. And it is making intermittent jumping and rattling noise which is like HD seeking. Before AIO coolers, you had to do all the work yourself. The best way to eliminate air from your AIO is to remove one pipe from your radiator. I believe the screws are under the sound dampening pads. that's some kind of typical behavior from AIO during. It may be best to temporarily remove the fans, get the pump running, shake the radiator back and forth (or rotate 90 degrees until noise is gone) then mount the unplugged fans to the radiator, mount the radiator to your chassis, power the system down, plug the fans back in and try again. If I put my ear close to the pump, I can still distinguish it from higher rotation speed of the rotor. Re: 3080 XC3 Hybrid kit pump has started making rattling sounds when idle Thursday, February 04, 2021 10:22 PM ( permalink ) pixelcowboy. Due to this entrapment the impeller of the pump begins to vibrate, which can sounds like it is clattering. But after start up it runs fine. The noise from the pump will be low and consistent as opposed to loud, jarring gurgling or whining noises. Not overly loud but definitely hear it pumping which I didn't hear before. Noise levels are highly dependent on the fans used, but other than outliers, such as comparing a 120mm AIO to a twin tower/fan combo, a good quality AIO will be quieter than an air cooler when. The towel cushions the pump and prevents it from moving around. Even if your PC has no problems with cooling and your processor isn't overclocked, keep in mind that your PC will still make noise. Clanking: This noise often indicates that a piece of equipment inside the indoor or outdoor cabinet of the heat pump has come loose and started to strike other components. Tilting the unit changes the stress points on the case and stops the rattle. With an AIO liquid (water) cooler from Asetek, you will sometimes experience a bubbling pump noise when first installing your cooler into your system or even. RGB can be easily configurable with AUSUS Armory Create. Lots of metal pieces touch each other inside the case - any one of them can rattle. If it turns out the pump is ok do you have a side fan as i recognise that noise. Leave a few small gaps by the cord and tubing, or the pump could overheat. My main concern is if this pump noise is normal due to the high RPMs or if I should RMA it?. Have to take side cover has to get ear close to pump to hear it. In general, you want to make sure that: The radiator is in a higher position in the loop than the pump. Is this a normal pump noise at 100% speed? I've tried everything. During gaming the fan noise will overpower the pump noise. It's absolutely coming from the pump itself, if I unplug / replug it in the sound goes away for a few seconds then comes back. TR4 Socket mounting bracket is bundled with TR4 CPU Package from AMD. but last few days im getting the best way to describe is crackling noises at random times which sound like its comming from the pump is this air trapped or something else it nothing major just a bit annoying for me anyway. Even right after purchase, 2%-10% air in the system is normal, and over time, this decreases percentage increases even more due to permeation. Unplug or turn your fans to 0% duty cycle to isolate the noise. Generally, when the pump emits a rattling noise, it is not necessarily faulty. after about a month of using new computer, the aio pumps is making a rattling noise. Originally Posted by NewUser16 In my opinion, AIO's have poor reliability. the top of the rad being the best place. Net Positive Suction Head or NPSH is the difference between liquid pressure at the pump suction and liquid vapor pressure and is expressed in terms of the height of the liquid column. So i tried all the suggested fixes. If debris enters the pump, discontinue use immediately and flush out the system. By the way, IMHO a single 120mm radiator on a 5Ghz 2500K should perform rather poorly (for a water cooling setup). NZXT X52 (240mm AIO cooler) sometimes loud (rattling) and not. I think almost if not all water cooling has a little pump and water movement noise. Hi all, Recently got a premade, after a couple of weeks of use the CPU cooling pump started making a rattle noise. By taping the opening of the jar entirely, you can effectively muffle the noise. I have the the pump plugged into the CPU header on the motherboard but it's only a three-pin connector so the RPM of the pump is constantly around 2700 RPM. The other less issues of a loop is something that has become a moving object that circulates or flutters with the flow of the coolant. This “heated water” is then carried from the CPU pump block to the whining, and even rattling noises from the pump which can be very . Also, the noise only occurs when the pump is running in quiet mode, but at balanced and performance it goes away. The AORUS WATERFORCE 360 will efficiently and quietly dissipate heat from your high end CPU. (The pin also can slide a bit out of place. The noise is similar to sough, a bit whistle, maybe jet airplane. The pump is not noisy, and has an RPM of 3200. Let’s take a look at a few problems in a building system that are commonly the cause of pump noises, and how to fix them. Nothing worked, no reaction whatsoever to what I do as it remains at a consistent level. The radiator is mounted at the top of the case (Corsair Air 540) with the pump directly underneath. 35v: Motherboard: MSI B450M PRO-A-MAX: Cooling: Deepcool Gammaxx L120t: Memory: 16GB Team Group Dark Pro Sammy-B-die 3400mhz 14. I noticed that there is a lot of discussion about the noise level an aio pump creates. Thread starter xnikx; Start date Aug 22, 2016; Aug 22, 2016 #1 X. Try that for a while and see if it helps. It is SUPER noisy and I can't seem to find the source. The machine is super fast but the first thing that struck me was the noise at idle - it wasn't a fan noise but I higher pitched hum. The Aorus Liquid Cooler 360 maintains good company in regards to outright thermal performance at both 100% and 50% fan speeds. My fans or pump are making noise? Updated December 17, 2021 21:34. The noises can range from a little squeek/Squeal to a little grinding noise, or even a feint whistling noise (The kind of noise your water boiler makes when you slightly turn on one of your taps in your sink and the boiler starts making that whistling noise as if theres an air lock). (It's the fan that comes with the Hyper 212+, but the performance will be the same. When I start any game, the other weird sound appeared. I have owned several aio coolers and to some degree they all make noise. If you continue to hear noises inside of your cooler pumps, you may have air bubbles trapped in the cooling loop. You can tell by the slow rhythm that accompanies the noise, imo. Noisy H100i v2 pump - rattling / pump burble noise. About a month and a half ago the cooler started making a rattling noise. If you hear rattling or bubbling noises from your cooler, you should first confirm if the noise is coming from the pump. Not the normal noise that your normal fans would make. The toilet in your home has several tank components, but there are only two tank valves at work every time you flush the toilet: the flush valve, which releases the water stored in the tank down into the toilet bowl when you press the flush lever; and the fill valve (also traditionally known as a ballcock), which controls the water flow that. Hi, I recently bought a floe 280 riing aio cooler. CPU fans as well are idling around 1000 RPM or less. The way you make it sound is air hitting the impeller blades, which causes the bubble to be blown apart on the out side of the pump. It's definitely not a "low-noise pump design" that Corsair claims. AIO pump constant clicking noise. If you are experiencing an issue where you hear an audible rattling noise from the pump, try disconnecting the fans connected to the radiator and see if the noise continues. Skill 5600mhz dimms F5-5600U3636C18GA2-TZ5RK. IF the AIO is not mounted in a way that it has to work against gravity to move water to the block, then you need to replace it or fix it if that's possible. The cause of this is air bubbles somewhere in the line. Hold the radiator on top of the funnel. Some food for thoughts: Silverstone TD03. I have a Lenovo ideacentre 700-27ISH AIO. Testing Results and Conclusion. I did some research online and many people have stated that it is probably an air bubble trapped in the pump. i unplugged it and the noise stopped. it's the liquid cooled cpu fan. Coil whine can indeed come from the motherboard. The AORUS WATERFORCE X 360 is fully customizable with your setup featuring a full 60x60mm LCD with video and text support. ) Reducing the pump speed in CAM can fix this temporarily, but you'll eventually start hearing this even at 30% and lower. Edited March 3, 2021 by martin-w. trap the f-cking air somewhere else. The bubbling noise is typically caused by tiny, natural, air bubbles moving through the pump and system. Water cooling tubes can get hot to touch, the fluid inside can get into the 70 to 80C range, I(t depends on how quickly they get that hot and under what load they are under when they do get that hot. If you'd like quiet operation I'd suggest Corsair AIO or Noctua air cooler. I use the PC for my recording studio system and even at idle the fans will sound like they are pulsating (speeding up and slowing back down). AIO pump noise? Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by ajxh, 16 Mar 2016. the noise and rattling is caused by too much air in the pump. Hi, So i have the Corsair H150i pro, since february 2019 and for the past week or so I have this rattling pump noise on a bit on Quiet but mostly on Balanced and Extreme. I already replaced the fans on it because the stock ones were not what I would call quality (They rattled, vibrated) It is set on quiet mode yet its very audible and when my pc is idle its the only part of my comp. If I put my ear close to the pump, I. The fan in the actual pump unit uses a cheap rotor that moves slightly out of place or out of balance and it causes that rattle. My G436 has suddenly developed a rattling sound which I believe is coming from the water cooler pump. last you need to post the "FULL" model number of your system, HP Envy 810-xxxx. your system is using a All In One (AIO) cooling product you will need to replace the entire system since the pump is not made to be removeable from the kit. Today, I came across a bit of an issue with the return pump that came with my Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25. Most of the time AIO cooling machine lasts for years and brings no differences at all. Introducing the air bubbles into the pump by wrong mounting can lead to gurgling, trickling, whining, and even rattling noises from the pump which can be very annoying. 005 offset mode on CPU full load Im getting max 72 degrees at 1700rpm (I dont want it at 2. Since there is no air in the CPU block now, the pump operation will be unhindered. Gigabyte Z490 Vision G motherboard, pump connected to CPU_OPT. This debris (usually dirt or sand, sticks, leaves, rocks) will cause damage to the impeller and can cause the pump to make more noise than usual when pumping water. What I noticed is that on start up sometimes (from a cold start. I just hope it won't be rattling after system is turned off for long hours. 1-Made sure to feed it 12V by using AIO_PUMP fan header. These are a few ways to troubleshoot your AiO if it is making too much noise. About a month ago i bought my AIO and after installing it had no problems. PSU fan doesn't spin all the time. If I dial it down in the BIOS to 2200, it's dead silent, but after about 2500 RPM you can hear a little whine if you are within 3 feet, open case and very quite room. ) Reducing the pump speed in CAM can fix this temporarily, but you’ll eventually start hearing this even at 30% and lower. I bought Corsair H115i RGB Platinum this summer, last week in august I build all together. AIO Pump noise? Thread starter xman2007; Start date Aug 30, 2020; xman2007. I used custom loops for many years. I too have had issues with AC filters and noise. AIO pump making rattling/crackling/whininig on and off AIO pump making rattling/crackling/whininig on and off. Custom loop is the only way to eliminate pump noise as those are much higher quality. Hi there, I've just received my new Alienware Aurora R11 and was hugely excited to get unboxed and running. Have more questions? Submit a request. ALSEYE has sent us their M240 AIO cooler for review. After a few month, my CPU was being throttle and the AIO pump started to make gurgling noises. A humming noise that you are hearing at the larger refrigerant line (the suction or "low pressure" line) can help you trace the noise to its source: the indoor air handler or the outdoor compressor-condenser. Radiator mounted at the front with the tube side at the bottom. 2 NVMe 2TB (boot drive W11 production) Samsung 970 Pro m. 2 A: Tags 2950X aio all in one liquid cooler AMD Threadripper 3000 cpu cooler Deepcool Captain. How to: Fix rattling or bubbling sounds in AIO cooler If you hear rattling or bubbling noises from your cooler, you should first confirm if the noise is. We design all of our cooling products, such as our AER F, AER RGB, AER P, and Kraken coolers, with sound in mind. Answer: Congratulations, you just found out that AIO liquid coolers have a pump that makes noise, you could try to get a different AIO cooler to check if it’s more quiet. Im usually getting no noise when at idle but as soon as i start getting some load going the sounds seems to come and go, but usually. Connect pump to source thus powering it up. I have noticed that putting the PC on its side as opposed to having it vertically stand up fixes. Don’t ignore if you hear any sounds or buzzy noise from the pump area. Has anyone had this issue before that. The next issue is the buzzing noise I'm getting from the pump on my NZXT Kraken X53 AIO cooler. They are not sealed, nor you will break anything Attach a funnel on the end of the pipe. With an AIO liquid (water) cooler from Asetek, you will sometimes experience a bubbling pump noise when first installing your cooler into your system or even after relocating it. Place comp on its side to see if that lessens it. I have a 10G AIO, and the return section is roughly 3. Pump noise is normally not a concern for folks with higher speed fans or for installs where the pump is allowed to float freely avoiding vibration transfer. These bubbles can cause cavitation, leading to pump noise, damage, and lower capacity. Everything seemed to be running OK since I was just watching YouTube videos when the noise started. Haf X Blue Asus P8Z68 Deluxe Generation 3 I7-2600 OC 4. While our cooling products are once again designed with sound in mind, please understand that you are doing intensive tasks, such as gaming, live streaming, video editing, etc. My nano is in my bedroom, and to this day I am constantly up every night fiddling with the filter so it stops rattling. Sunday, May 30, 2021 2:50 AM ( permalink ) Got my 3090 FTW3 Hybrid Ultra yesterday and the pump noise is just horrible. I fixed mine by gently laying the PC on its . If pump dies and you away from your desk you doomed. The AORUS WATERFORCE X 360 will efficiently and quietly dissipate heat from your high end CPU. So, be careful before it leaks. Unmount the radiator, tip the chassis on its side, then take the radiator and tilt it 90 degrees to get the fluid that is inside of the radiator into the pump. It's like an old spinning HDD sound, but higher frequency. Obnoxious rattling sound from my CPU cooler.