cedric wants harry fanfiction. She was also one year ahead of the famous Harry Potter. “Love you,” he mumbled, turning into Harry…. Whether this be from Dementors on a Quidditch pitch or the tasks of a life-threatening tournament, he’s determined to help him. Cedric was born in September/October, 1978, to Amos Diggory and his wife. Harry can't wait to tell him about it. In his sixth year, Cedric put his name forward to compete in the Triwizard Tournament. Harry Potter: 10 Fanfiction Headcanons That Became Widely. "Madam Pomfrey Diggory one," said Nearly Headless Nick. Chapter 1 - A Summer of Changes Harry was sitting in his room at Number Four Privet Drive. Maybe roll over? Jun 21, 2013 · Audrey Bricks, shy, sweet but has a bad past. Originally published by me on fanfiction …. Imagine: You are talking to Cedric and his friends tease him because they know he likes you. Not much substance here, but you'll enjoy it if you like fluff. "Well, most of the Hufflepuffs know, if you pay attention. And new friends, like Hermione Granger, and Professor McGonagall, and Professor Quirrell…. He started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1989, and was sorted into Hufflepuff. Hermione looked surprised from Cedric to the elf. “Love you,” he mumbled, turning into Harry’s side tighter. Female harry potter reading the books fanfiction, Harry, future George/female!Harry, future Ginny/Daphne. Summary: Jon and Arya go on a road trip. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Archive of Our Own beta. Before there is peace, blood will spill blood and the lake will …. Then figure came out of the shadows. While the writing is somewhat clunky, Honour Thy Blood should be enjoyable to those who like reading about Harry …. Odo the Hero is the “dying wizard” about whom was written a drinking song in the Wizarding World. Official music video for ”Sign of the Times ” by Harry Styles Listen to Harry Styles: https://HarryStyles. Adara Black Fem Ron Male Hermione Fem Draco. Despite Cedric believing him, everyone else (bar Cedric and his close friends) in Hufflepuff thought of Harry as a clout chaser. Official music video for "Sign of the Times " by Harry Styles Listen to Harry Styles: https://HarryStyles. Similar to JRR Tolkien (author who wrote Lord of the Rings, if you don't bother to read classics. cedric diggory imagines cedric diggory imagine cedric diggory harry potter imagines harry potter potterhead gobletoffire imagines. Cedric smiled and cupped Harry's cheek "You can say what you want, luck or what have you, but you still have done and seen more than many people . The singer has since gone solo and has so far packed a lot of life into his age. Add in a transfer student from Ilvermorny with a mysterious purpose and you've got a brand new year for Harry to experience. Harry Potter was utterly straight. Stubborn Gryffindor pride, I guess. Cedric & Harry FanFiction Fanfiction. Eggman possessed Sonic and held Mina captive! Turns out he was right. It All Started with Cedric He liked girls, soft and smiling and slightly mysterious—girls like Cho. They were partners in this after all. Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,547 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 28 - Follows: 8 - Published: Nov 26, 2005 - Harry P. "Harry, stop struggling, for crying out loud!" Hermione shouted even as Cedric helped Ron to pull up Harry and sit the still-struggling teen on his bed. Ron had left weeks ago, and harry …. Doing homework in the stands during practices in good weather. Harry was surprised to see Victor Krum amongst the Durmstrang students, he wasn't the only one, half the great hall erupted in chatter at his appearance. For the fanfic authors who don't get art of their fics. I asked him not to, I asked him not to and he did it anyway. The recommendations lists are just for recommendations and the synopses. Viktor Krum (Bulgarian: Виктор Крум; born April-August, 1976) was a Bulgarian wizard. Yes, you can have permission to repost the stories on your board if you want. The Harry Potter world is phenomenally popular with fanfiction readers and writers. Amos was devastated by his son's death and in 2020, asked Harry …. Cedric is a good person, there is a reason he was sorted into Hufflepuff house. HarryCedric, Written after seeing the Fourth Movie. He looked around for her but only tired himself out, eventually taking a break under a tree in a park. ’Harry/Cedric - Groundhog day AU Site : Archive of Our Own | Fandom : Harry …. Zacharias gave in, although reluctantly. Your co-stars were quick to notice the ring around your finger and you told them about your recent engagement. She wants to be closer to camp, closer to Olympus and yeswww. Part 3 of Sirius and Harry Bonding, Sirius gave Harry the mirror the day before fifth year started. "May I say something" Cedric said as everyone's head turned to him "I don't Harry especially well. "That's the worst part of it all. He quickened his pace coming over to you. It worked almost perfectly, till Cedric got very close. Before there is peace, blood will spill blood and the lake will run red. Request: Harry Potter x wife!reader were they are obviously married and have kids (James S. Cedric’s voice was quiet, edging on sleep brought about by sheer exhaustion. I write for many fandoms but you can always ask me about a certain fandom to see if I might be able to write it with detailed research. Title: Fanfiction Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent (Book5), Author: Fun with pingouins, Length: 422 pages, Published: 2008-09-22 Feb 14, 2021 · …. He was sitting with Hedwig working on his summer homework. Conceived so, and carried by this newborn while she was still human. Fem Harry Potter Fanfiction Genderbend. Lust and hurt and longing and confusion. There are strange creatures and buildings around them. During his time at the school, he was a prefect, and captained the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, playing as Seeker. Harry Potter (the person) is related to Harry Potter (the books and the movies) because he is the main character. "Harry, whats wrong?" "Cedric, get back to the port key!" He yelled at me. He started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1990, and was sorted into Hufflepuff House. Fanfic: The Stand Ch 21, Harry Potter. Hermione's eyes tracked the retreating back of her best friend until she disappeared from view. 12 Best Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories To Read In 2020. Little does the reader know, Fred is also in love with her. He was no match for the Dark Lord. Always making a polite excuse for the loo, or for homework. The reader is best friends with the Weasley twins, whilst studying with them, Cedric Diggory shows up and confesses his love for her. Hermione looked up at Harry's face. He stood up shakily and coughed blood. Incontrovertibly, as someone as pompous as Snape might say. I do not own you or any of the names mentioned in this story from the Harry Potter universe. He wasn't entirely sure what his type was. Cedric Diggory was a character in the Harry Potter books. Overprotective Harry Potter; Immortal Harry. Cross-posted on Tumblr Jul 05, 2017 · The Harry Potter series: J. Part 3 of Sirius and Harry Bonding; Language: English Words. Racconti su Harry Potter, Naruto, One Direction, Personaggi Famosi, Dragon Ball, Final …. It was a one-shot that didn't even feel like a one-shot. Standing in front of the cell, he looked at Harry Potter for the first time in ten years. the Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. Severus felt a sudden urge to fight Voldemort but, knew he would ruin everything. Twilight WILL fad out it is a fad and many fans are on it because of the Bandwagon effect and because Robert Patterson is good looking But Harry Potter will be around forever. His new life would be that of Rose Potter, Harry Potter's twin sister. In Cho's fifth year, she began dating Cedric …. He's spent decades trying to change things peacefully, but the Wizarding World is clearly corrupt to its core. Regarde du contenu populaire des créateurs suivants : Harry Potter fan fictions(@harrypotterfanfictions), maddy 🦆(@cottagecorebook), Cedric Maxwell(@cedricmaxwell31), Leon_ice(@leon_on_ice), Demar DeCowier(@cowier). to/listenYD Watch more videos by Harry …. But magic, Goddess Hekate slept for a long time and now she comes again when an oath was requested. There was nowhere you felt safer than in his arms. found nothing with Cedric's mind or type of Potion or charm upon him, he knew his parents thought he was insane but they couldn't be more wrong. “We decided on James Sirius,” he announced. The Secret Love A Cedric Diggory And Hermione Granger Fan Fiction Chapter 18 Wanting More Wattpad. He was given his wand and was asked to fight Voldemort. Harry wants Cedric, and he’s pretty sure that Cedric wants him too. year being professor, Cedric's 4th year. Fanfic is a good escape that way. Cedric kissed Harry's neck passionately, sucking the sweet . He knew it in his bones, the same way he knew his hair was dark, the same way he knew his parents were dead. Summary/Pitch/Teaser: Trelawney whispered a different prophecy. Krum came forward after snagging a metal bin. Stella Devan, a huge potterhead somehow gets reincarnated in the world of Harry Potter as Adelaide Gracia after experiencing a tragic death. And if I try to put a stick of ram in the channel the computer doesn't boot at all. Hogwarts Champion/// Cedric Diggory x Reader Request: hello! could I had my face nearly melted off do you really want to disappoint me?. to/listenYD Watch more videos by Harry Styles:. The Marauders FanFiction Harry Potter Fanfiction; The Accidental Gryffindor is a short series that features Severus as a friend and fifth Marauder; Alyssa Snape is the daughter of Potions Professor, Severus Snape May 17, 2016 · The chapter that made us fall in love with…. Harry Potter's fourth year at Hogwarts was filled with many ups and downs, one of the biggest being Cedric Diggory. "Cedric, we need to get back to the port key!" Harry yelled at me. Cedric is tackled by Harry, who gets hit by the killing curse instead. I want to marry him one day and have his kids. Hermione becomes an active part of the. She was left behind on all the adventures, …. But he wouldn't say anything unless Harry …. She first appears in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, as a new student on her way to Hogwarts. Harry's mind went blank during the kiss but turned back into full working mode afterwards. One direction preferences he pretends to break up with you. Cedric Diggory was the son of Amos Diggory and his wife. The novels chronicle the lives of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The next several weeks went by rather quickly, despite Harry agreeing to talk again with Cedric he made a point to avoid him. Hermione Granger & The One Where She. Truth Be Known by Aishiteru Aijin reviews. Decades later, Harry/Daphne (or Haphne, if you like portmanteaus) fics are among the most favorited on Fanfiction. He had had enough of keeping their relationship a secret, lying to his friends and family was not fun. Mike and Eleven were more alike than they knew. Ever since you left, the two of you had lost contact, though. Absolute favorite fic (s) for the pairing: Testor Ego Amorem Perpetuum by ABlackRaven [44k,T] “Testor Ego Amorem Perpetuum. Both Harry and Hermione turned to stare at Ron, who looked at them defensively and shrugged ‘You have to go with Diggory and make sure he survives. "Alright Cedric" Cho said as she gets up along with Parvati and walked away to the punch bowl. "Of course, you would know your way around the kitchens. The Reluctant Champion by TheUnreallnsomniac. Turns out that studying with Cho and advice from Sirius gets Harry and Cho together sooner than canon. In Cho's fifth year, she began dating Cedric Diggory while he was a Champion in the Triwizard Tournament. an introductory rec list (that no one asked for) to some of my favorite ships: hedric (harry/cedric) [3/10] First fic I read for the . Lori Weasley is the golden girl of Gryffindor, prefect and Quidditch Captain. April 7, 1979) was a Pure-Blood witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1990 to 1997 and was Sorted into Ravenclaw. Harry and Ron both gasped, rushing to see where he was going. It's been a couple of hours since Dumbledore announced that Cedric and technically Harry Potter are The Hogwarts Champion. From since Harry was at an early age, his father disdained him. Cedric was a wizard who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Hufflepuff House. Part 5! #HungryJacksFreeGlass #Animation #cedric #draco #blue #fanfiction #harrypottertok #dracotok. Genre: Adventure, Romance Language: English Status: Completed Published: 2005-11-11 Updated: 2006-12-28. "I thinking I'm going to have a panic attack, Jack. Luca is an American computer animated coming-of-age fantasy-comedy drama film produced by Pixar released on June 18, 2021. Arya Stark-Fanfiction(Chapter 17) My username on Ao3 is Galatic. part of this series, so go back and read. Charlus had distaste for weakness and was intolerant of failure. It was made by Garrick Ollivander, who described it as …. Harry wants Cedric, and he's pretty sure that Cedric wants him too. Browse through and read cedric fanfiction stories and books Romance Supernatural Harry Potter Fanfiction Cedeic Diggory Love Story Pyro Voldemort S Daughter request open, please comment idea and if you want a face claim not sure of all fandoms but ill try. He was kind, strong, intelligent, beautiful, and brave. "Oh, I know you're right Ced, I just don't want to admit it. “I’m here, Cedric,” Harry said immediately, squeezing his hand. 7 SEVERUS SNAPE IS HARRY'S FATHER. I really want Harry with a haughty, demanding, arrogant danger noodle who has an overinflated sense of her own importance, views Hedwig as a TERRIFYING MENACE because she isn’t big enough to eat owls yet and keeps up a steady stream of insults hissed in Harry’s ear whenever she’s near someone who has a Dark Mark (which she can sense at. {Goblet of Fire - Deathly Hallows} "I want you to look me in the …. Against better judgement, Harry chanced to open her eyes, just an inch, just a little flutter, and through the little gap of sight, the red gleamed. Harry potter fanfiction reading the books fictionhunt. Follow the life of Anna Darling as she travels through her seven years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 4 of 5 - 28 votes - 11 people like it. Thanking the shop keeper, they left and returned home. Hufflepuffs dignity disappeared when Ced died. In the Cursed Child, Cedric Diggory became a Death-Eater when he survived the Triwizard Tournament and I wonder under what circumstances will Cedric Diggory become a Death-Eater. He was selected to be a champion. I will spend a lifetime loving you. com 2021-04-29 · Harry Is Pregnant With Lucius Baby Fanfiction April 29, 2021 Post a Comment Harry had done it with the rest of the …. Harry sprinted over to his friend and rolled him over. Magic is within us, magic protects us, and magic created us. You'd noticed all the plates of food coming over and wondered how two girls like me and my friend were ever going toStomach problems, a harry potter fanfic | fanfiction. Fanfic: Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor Ch 1, Harry Potter. Voldemort S Daughter Female Oc Hogwarts Magic Slytherin. After the death of her boyfriend, Cedric Diggory, Brooke wants to leave all magic behind. Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Hogwarts Quidditch Wizarding World. Cedric Diggory (1977 – June 24, 1995) was the son of Amos Diggory and his wife. Dark brown hair that danced gracefully along the creamy white skin of his forehead. She jumped and hugged Harry, almost knocking him to the ground. a hedric story (Harry x Cedric) Completed Mature Wait (Hedric) 658 24 2 The air was crisp and cool. He fell, face first, into the mud. He could tell that you didn't want to talk about it, so he dropped it. Say this 3 times, and each time, release some of the dust. *** [The fic also involves Kingdom Building and real-world muggle geopolitics. But he wouldn't say anything unless Harry was in agreement with him. 35 Harry Potter A Fanfics To Fulfill Every Fantasy Riot. Given the amount of history between James, Lily, and Snape, many headcanons suggest that James is not Harry's father, but Snape is due to an affair Lily and Snape had. The main story arc concerns Harry's struggle against Lord Voldemort, a dark wizard who intends to become immortal. Harry may have turned dark and murdered Cedric but she still didn't want him dead. Harry Potter The Soulmate Bond Keira Marcos. Cedric Diggory's wand was 12¼" long, made from ash, and contained a Unicorn hair core. About Lemon Potter Lord Harry Fanfiction Dark. A moment later, the little girl was clambering back onto her stool behind the cashier. Harry's voice was as soft as a pin drop as he answered, causing Hermione to lean in closer while still looking around at the Weasley's. Tom and Harry recently played a prank on one another, with videos being posted on Instagram. Harry Potter: 10 Reasons Why Harry & Cedri…. " Harry said, rubbing his thumb against the end of Cedric's cock. Honour Thy Blood by TheBlack'sResurgence. In the end, all it came down to her not being his type. The below ten most significant fanfictions about Harry Potter will get you surprised by imagination, cheekiness, and strength. Five times Harry failed to impress Cho-Chang, and the one time he nailed it. "Cedric's already gone and dead, fighting won't be any use because it will not bring him back. "Fight for Cedric, fight for Hufflepuffs dignity, fight for your future child, fight to make this world a better place!" "You don't need me," Zacharias insisted. He attended the Durmstrang Institute, and was also the Seeker for …. Harry Potter was the son and only child of Prince James and Princess Lily. ) and Harry and reader have this routine of giving their kids haircuts and it Lily’s turn because James and albus are at hogwarts and lily wants reader also get the same haircut as her so they can match (but reader is a little sceptical because she hasn’t have short hair for long. Cedric Diggory, an elderly old man, and Lily and James. The Headmistress’s fireplace flared green and Harry Potter stumbled out, positively beaming. Redo of the 4th book of the Harry Potter series in which Cedric is never chosen as a champion, Hermione never dates Krum, and Ron finds someone else. harry potter headcanon dating cedric diggory cedric diggory headcanon dating would include headcanon. Harry sighed deeply as he looked down at his cauldron; it was not the colour it was supposed to be and this was his last chance to get it right else, he would have to serve catch up lessons with Snape at the weekend. Contractual Invalidation by R-dude. to the stars who listen — 🌻. Oct 10, 2020 - #wattpad #fanfiction …. Tom holland imagines his clothes. Draco malfoy x reader he hits you. Harry Potter finds himself competing in a hazardous tournament between rival schools of magic, but he is distracted by recurring nightmares. But, I can say that he didn't enter this. Pushing Harry's unruly hair out of his eyes, Cedric swooped in for the kiss. The brightest smile appeared on both of your faces when you looked at each other. As Harry's friend turned, the man pointed his wand and yelled, "Avada Kedavra!" The green wisp flew at Cedric, hitting him in the back. " Diggory - Cedric? - reiterated, moving closer to him in the water until he was hovering just in front of him. In Diagon Alley, he left Harry, a famous boy who is always in danger from former Death Eaters alone to go have a drink. But between a life-threatening tournament, Rita Skeeter's tabloid journalism, a nosey Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, and Cho Chang, Harry discovers that things are a lot more complicated than they seem. Harry Potter: 10 Fanfiction Headcanons That Became Wid…. Harry has no time to help however; he's made Hermione swear off text books for a week and she's made him swear off Quidditch. Shocked to the point that her eyes were opening of their own will until she was looking at the man whose words she carried on her wrist, on whose wrist laid her own words to him. Perfect Situations & Matryoshka Vignettes by Jeconais. Fanfic: The Wonders of the Room of Requirement, Harry Potter. Weasley's voice rang out about the table suddenly. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Directed by Mike Newell. There were plenty more, so take this quiz to find out which character from the "Harry Potter" book/movie series would have been. Harry potter and the goblet of fire 2005 hin. This is a blog for those who can't get enough of writing HP fanfiction, or for those who need a little boost of inspiration to get them started. With her dark hair, grey eyes and long Jul 13, 2015 · Harry Potter and Arya Stark Took the Selfie to End All Selfies at Comic-Con—See the Pic! Maisie …. " Then I seen a figure in the shadows. For the fanfic authors who don’t get comments/reviews. Dark harry potter joins voldemort fanfiction tomarry. The Pureblood Princess by TheEndless7. 10 Best Complete Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass Fa…. SUMMARY: What Cedric gave Harry was more than just a one-night He'd never heard it said that way, all hoarse and ringing with want. Twin Power *Cedric Diggory Love Story* (EDITING) Cassia is the twin sister of Harry Potter. Up until your family had moved away to London when you were seven, you and Cedric had spent, basically, all of your time, together. Harry was trying to pretend that he didn't exist, but it was difficult when just 3 days ago they were about to go all the way. For the fanfic authors who don't get comments/reviews. The film, out on April 12, is inspired by the One Direction member and the Wattpad fanfiction …. The issue was, Harry easily outclassed all of their 7th years in magical power. Then one night when they were together he had this strange feeling Harry …. "Do want to celebrate with me later?" Cedric asked, causing Harry's head to jolt up in surprise. At the end of Harry's fifth year, Cedric Diggory is alive of sorts and now watching over Harry as a protector from Lord God himself. We walked in the great hall and separated to sit with our friends and housemates. He was killed in the final task of the tournament, when he and Harry …. has there ever been a fanfic where harry took the curse. Explore les dernières vidéos des hashtags : #cedricmaxwell, #cedric, #cedrick. (A Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter fanfic) *COMPLETED* by heartlessgryffindor. Cedric and Sirius are both still alive in this story. It All Started With Cedric, a harry potter fanfic. " "What! It can't be! Harry would never, …. It'd be a shame to let his memory go to waste. He grew up near Ottery St Catchpole, a small town located in Devon, England. "You're something else, you know that?" "Thanks. "Well there was that time Cedric beat meet to the snitch in 3rd year" Harry replied nervously, becoming more uncomfortable by the minute. 1k!! I actually hit this awhile ago, but I've been too busy (and just lazy) to do anything. I'm not going to watch him put himself in danger. " Cauldron cakes, grandma!" the little girl yelled louder. He might write back while I'm here. At hogwarts he's considered a muggle hating person because fairy tales are considered racist and because he hates the dursleys. He and Gibbs hook up without knowing who each other are. He would pause every now and then and smile at the snowy owl who had been his friend since he was eleven. Read Cedric x Reader from the story Harry Potter Fanfic by that_wierd_author (idk???) with 7,803 reads. Two things told him it would be an interesting semester. Padfootette is a fanfiction author that has written 44 stories for Harry Potter, Poldark, Once Upon a Time, Twilight, Merlin, Supernatural, Originals, …. Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Cedric Diggory Published Authors [3288/25212] • Crossover Stories [21184/25954] • …. Title: Prisms of Darkness - Chapter 12 Fandom: Harry Potter Character/Pairing/Group: Voldemort/Hermione Granger Rating: PG-13 Warning/s: Adult themes, AU, so on ahead. Feb 21, 2022 - Harry Potter wants a new start and as the newly titled Master of Deat… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad When …. Theres a bunch of callbacks to the 1st. Harry is interviewed about the events that took place in his fourth year. He was favoured by his mother and neglected by his father. It was a story about harry being a changeling, the plot and the way it was written was so good. " "Well, there's always a bright side to this," Hannah said. Harry/Cedric/Cho : HPfanfiction. Recommendations for Harry/Cedric (Cedric survives) …. " Cedric rubbed his face with one hand. Feel free to submit your own ideas, and let us know what you're writing!. Spirits began emerging from tip of Voldemorts wand. Cedric feels drawn to protect Harry Potter. Das Theaterstück heißt «Harry Potter und das verwunschene Kind». He had dated a couple of girls in the past, but nothing ever seemed to work out. We are always open to anyone who wants to help out on the Clone Wars modding team. He was not broken, he was wounded, and wounds only heal with time. Freya Eadylin was always in the shadows. It was a short, fat man that reminded me of a rat. harry and his daughter fanfiction. 2K 70 Alexa Stark, daughter of Tony Stark (yes, Ironman. It was a dark rain night and Harry and Harry and Hermione were sitting in the tent, Hermione was reading, while Harry was scratching down random things from him last inside into Voldermorts mind. Female Harry Potter Fanfiction (known as FemHarry) is a type of fan fiction where the main character, usually Harry, is replaced by a female. Also Cedric is crazy about Harry…. I’m happy for you both, Harry…. Top 10 Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass Fanfiction. He rose to fame during his time …. When trying to stop his godfather from falling through the Veil of Death, Harry fell through with him. 5k rough draft of another WIP GOF AU in which Cedric Diggory Lives. ) and Harry and reader have this routine of giving their kids haircuts and it Lily’s turn because James and albus are at hogwarts and lily wants …. "Yeah, but what did you want to talk about?" Harry said curious about why Cedric wanted to talk about "Um Cho, Parvati could you two get some drinks while I talk to Harry" Cedric excused the girls as he wanted to talk to Harry alone. You hoped Cedric got the memo that you didn't really want to talk about it #harry potter fandom #harry potter fanfiction #cedric diggory . Upon hearing this Harry Potter lost his temper and jumped the wizard beating Cedric to a bloody pulp, screaming out "Bloody Rapist Bastard, I fucking kill you. But when you do come across a beautifully thought out and fleshed out one-shot “what if” story about a family that might have been, you make sure everyone you know reads it. Yule Ball (Harry Potter) First Task of the Triwizard Tournament (Harry Potter) Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament (Harry Potter) Summary. "After's" Anna Todd tells the story of how a Harry Styles fanfiction became a movie. Answer (1 of 18): This is not only a very smutty fanfiction, but one of the most scarring and horrifying ones of all time. Jul 01, 2013 · A LOUIS TOMLINSON IMAGINE. Fanfic Recs Some of the best fanfics I've ever read from a bunch of fandoms including: Supernatural, Harry Potter, The Avengers and many more. Fanfic: Atlantis Ch 1, Harry Potter. Unfortunately, someone else wants the role as much as she does. 15 Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories For The Grown Up Newbie Riot. This is an appreciation post for the fanfic authors who aren't included on rec lists. "He sounds okay," Harry continued. " He turned to Harry, eyes shining. He sat Harry down, who winced and sniffled. I'm still serious about not cheering him on. You can find popular fanfic novels like teenfiction, bts, mha, korea [A Harry Potter Fanfiction] Follow Quinn West, who finds himself in the world of Harry Potter, but areFanfic rec: Azula from AtLA : FanFiction…. A different kind of WITCH by actress19 Category: W. Cedric manages to escape with Harry, who’s still alive, for now. That’s how it goes for the Diggory’s family and that’s how it continues with Cedric and his little sister Y/n. Cedric always liked harry,but he was too afraid to tell him because he could get rejected. A spin-off prequel series that is planned to consist of five films started with Fantastic Beasts and. It’s the love affair that never happened, …. I Just Want to Be Normal: Cedric feels this, especially in the immediate . "Do you want us to apparate you home or would you prefer to fly there yourself?" The owl flew towards a window, which vanished to let her fly through it. With Eric Sykes, Timothy Spall, David Tennant, Daniel Radcliffe. Cedric Fanfiction Stories. Harry was sent flying to the wall behind him, where he slid onto the ground and lay there for some time. #cedric diggory #cedric #cedric x reader #cedric x you #cedric diggory x you #cedric diggory x y/n #cedric diggory imagine #cedric diggory one shot #cedric diggory x reader #cedric x y/n #cedric imagine #wizarding world #hogwarts #cedric diggory fanfiction More you might like. Of course you think they’re hot, but Harry is he only one you have a crush on, like a huge crush. Laughing, Hermione and Cedric gathered up their purchases. " Harry leaped at the wizard breaking Cedric's nose and fracturing his left cheekbone , but this wasn't enough for Harry…. Adara Black, an abused little girl, wasn’t expecting that she would turn out to be a witch or …. The Chitauri twisted Loki's magic and forced him to become pregnant, but the fetus was killed during the New York battle. For the fanfic authors who don’t get art of their fics. Cedric x Harry Potter - RainbowAvatar - Wat…. A carefully collated selection of the best Harry Potter fanfiction out there: the most interesting, the most well-written, and the most unique. Fleur Daphne Potter Fanfiction. Cedric Diggory has had a crush on Harry Potter since Fourth Year but plans to keep this how . Of course you think they're hot, but Harry is he only one you have a crush on, like a huge crush. Below you'll find a list of my favorites, with the important caveat that I'm only including complete ones, which unfortunately means that some great abandoned stories didn't make the cut. I of course said yes and Harry wasn't happy about it at first. finished so dont be pissed off if you want to read it, its quite long fanfiction and . I enjoy Harry Potter, Marvel, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Disney, Buffy, Sherlock, DC, Euphoria. "Fine I'm only doing this for Cedric though, just so you know. Sito di scrittura e lettura dedicato a fanfiction e storie originali. The Wizarding World was a constant reminder of Cedric and it was heartbreaking Completed jacobblack harrypotter brooklyn +8 more # 12 An American at Hogwarts by CaptainSophie 1. 1978/1979) was a witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1990-1997 and was sorted into Ravenclaw House. Cedric was very much alive; if nothing else, the pain he was undoubtedly in was testament to that at least. It was a minor thing, but it could've made lots of trouble for Harry…. It’s called “A House Elf’s Needs. You stood up, wrapping your arms around him as he got to you. Dumbledore isn't having any of that. Harry started to scream and hold his forehead. Saying this Cedric punched him in the stomach and as Harry fell on to his knees unable to take the pain, Cedric took out his wand and sent a blasting hex into his chest. By the time he died, Voldemort's soul had been split so many times that he was hardly human anymore. with each 1000 words 5 USD will be added! ⸙ Fandoms I Write For. Wormtail's AK killed Harry, and the Horcrux wakes up after a few hours. Cedric transformed a rock into a dog to distract the dragon. "It's not him, mate!" Ron yelled at him, trying to keep Harry on the ground. "Nyx it is then," Cedric agreed in amusement. A Twilight Volturi Kings x OFC. Death was none too pleased to see him this early in its realm, however, so he got another chance at life. But between a life-threatening tournament, Rita Skeeter’s tabloid journalism, a nosey Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, and Cho Chang, Harry …. It was just an ordinary day in Hogwarts, well, That …. His hand around your waist and the other on the back of your head, tangled in your hair. I mean, sure, I laugh it off sometimes but that actually stings a little" Cedric complained as him and Alex sat at the edge of the black lake. If you weren’t very comfortable on a broom, even if you didn’t want to join the team, he’d try and teach you how to fly better. So Harry turned to Tim and Hermione. Before You Change (Harry Potter x by simplyyravenclaw. Hell Harry wasn't even sure what his feelings were, at least that's what he. Draco Malfoy, Daphine and Aurora Greengrass and Blaise Zambini were sitting in the Slytherin Common room studying when Severus Snape walked in and said, "Drake, Daph. cedricdiggory, fanfiction, nevillelongbottom. He really does, but he finds himself explaining things before he even knows what he's saying. Cedric Diggory, an elderly old man, and Lily and James Potter. She is determined to save in Completed cedricdiggory gryffindor hermionegranger +23 more # 6 Malfoy v. He liked girls, soft and smiling and slightly mysterious—girls like Cho. Let's Find Out How Much Money You Could Win On A "Harry Potter"–Themed "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" No lifelines in this one, but …. "We know she's jealous of Hermione. Then one night when they were together he had this strange feeling Completed geogreweasley remus fredweasley +13 more # 5 Strange Lovers by Aubbie_shipper 92. Browse through and read cedric fanfiction stories and books. Bella wants to die, and almost gets her wish fulfilled when she gets hit by a shiny …. Reading Sorcerer's Stone at Hogwarts by Arider12 2 reviews. " Susan leaned over and patted Zacharias' hand sincerely. It's a day at the Ministry of Magic when- poof!…. AKA: A time travel fic where Harry doesn't bother hiding the fact that . Edward seemed to consider this for a moment, and Harry unconsciously leaned in closer, desperate to hear whatever he was about to say. No woman would want children with me. SCP-049 is capable of speech in a variety of languages, though tends to prefer English or medieval French 2. Harry Potter and his Ladies Chapter 5, a. Cedric the Entertainer is an African-American comedian and actor known for being one of the Original Kings of …. Okay, so birth control doesn't hurt your chances of having a baby in the future. Touching his lips gently to Harry's, it was a simple yet romantic kiss. Harry told Hermione to calm down and tell him what's wrong. Winter, fanfiction, harry potter fandom, I'm not sure I want this to be a tag, Kitsune Lokiversali, man turned into a dildo, witches, wizards, writing prompt, you read that right Leave a comment on Unknown MistakeThese spells can turn you into a. Albus Dumbledore closed his eyes, "Ron, it wasn't anybody impersonating Harry. He forgot to give Harry directions to the platform. She ran over to him tears flowing and she punched Harry in Harry and Ginny Romance Fanfiction. "But it's not like I knew that Harry …. Sep 07, 2014 · EXCLUSIVE: One Direction fans give support to Harry …. Harry Potter | Reader Cedric Diggory | Romance Short Stories. Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 409 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 8 - Published: Nov 29, 2005 - Cedric D. Jan 05, 2021 · About And Pregnant Hurt Fanfic. TikTok video from Harry Potter fan fictions (@harrypotterfanfictions): "part 10 i think! #OhNo #HungryJacksFreeGlass #dracotok #draco #harrypottertok #max #cedric #hermione #harry #fanfiction…. For the fanfic authors who write for small fandoms. Prince Harry during a visit to New York in September 2021 and meeting Cedric the Entertainer at the Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium, in Los Angeles, California, on February 13, 2022. Cedric Diggory And Hermione Granger Article: A Love To. Sometimes you need a little help when writing fanfiction. Alyssienna Symphonia Rowena Narcissa "Allie" Malfoy is the second child and only daughter of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, and the AquaMagenta twin sister of …. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Harry Potter For Want of a Nail fanfic, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Cedric said, trying to convince Harry. " "You're perfect to me!" Harry has a panic attack in the middle of the night, and Louis rushes over like the good boyfriend he is. Isabelle is the daughter of Voldemort, Slytherin, loved by some, hated by the rest, feared, and no friends. She was a Seeker for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and a popular student. I hope you will support me through this tough time in my life. "Just give them some time, they'll let it go eventually" she spoke as the tentacle she was playing with went back inside the lake. He pretends to be Harry, but secretly wants to be the dark lord. Emerald eyes that told Cedric …. When Harry's spell finally hit him, the Dark Lord died. Feedback Appreciated Disclaimer: This is fanfiction. Voldemort spoke "Come out Harry …. Harry emerged from behind the tombstone and began a duel with Voldemort locking in Prior Incantatem. Summary: Draco Malfoy is a Victorian lord who trains slaves, servants, and recalcitrant youths as a hobby. Cedric waited patiently by the counter, hands fiddling with the two sickles he held in his hands. He crouched in front of Harry …. ***This is a Harry Potter pre-canon fic. Harry Potter and the Last Horcrux. Tom holland imagines his clothes. When you get out, you can't help but admire his tanned abs and perfectly formed V-line. Cedric started laughing, loud and surprised and a touch hysterical. Harry takes the fall for Cedric's murder and is imprisoned by the Ministry. The Gender Bender - Chapter 1: "Harry Potter" - Wattpad. He started his seventh year, the way he always had, as a half-blood and a Gryffindor, an orphan of Godric Hollow and the social leprosy of Hogwarts. Mar 28, 2018 · Fanfiction Romance Vampires Twilight Carlisle Cullen X Reader Twilight Saga X …. Harry Potter was the graveyard where resurrection of Lord Voldemort just took place. He did feel bad about it, but he wasn't sure he could handle what he was feeling. I first started writing fanfiction owing to my love for Harry Potter. Harry Potter is the main character of the entire series and was known as the ‘Chosen One’. He wanted to talk to Ron but his friend was still distant and currently sitting between Fred and Neville. Marauders In Heaven Fanfic Jily in Heaven Fanfiction. For the past ten years Hermione has been working hard at the Daily Prophet in hopes of becoming an editor and one day editor-in-chief. We became close and Cedric ended up asking me out. Why would he help me?" "We think Dumbledore sent it," said Cedric wrapping an arm around his shoulders. Even though James and Lily were married, some fans suspected that Harry's biology was not that simple. Imagine you and Cedric have been best friends since you were young kids. AU where Cedric lived and goes on to date Harry. Natural Birth, a x-overs fanfic | FanFiction. "Never heard of 'em!" the old lady replied from the kitchen. Most of the prompts will work best with short drabbles and one shots. He was a Prefect, and Captain and Seeker for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, until he signed up for the Triwizard Tournament. Which changes a lot of things, I still think Harry’s body would reject the possession in part 5, but when it comes to deathly hallows, Harry can only come back if he and the dark lord shared the protection, so Harry …. warning(s): anxiety attacks, cursing summary: During one of his anxiety attacks, Draco comes to you in the middle of the night. They all just want to be able to say that they were friends with Cedric Diggory, Quidditch Seeker and Captain of the Hufflepuff team, Prefect, . Tags: Professor!Snape, Ravenclaw!Reader, Praise Kink, Love/Hate Relationship, Reader is a bit of a Brat, Arguing, Use of Truth Serum, Age-Gap, Degradation, Admission of Feelings, Angst, D/s Undertones, Dub-Con, Mentions of Oral hey !! can i request a 7th year snape x reader smut (they're both 18) and sev has a mommy kink? if you're uncomfy writing student snape then any snape will do :)) Omg. itil change management certification » highschool dxd fanfiction oc betrayed by rias. They tried to pick his things up, but Cedric …. AN: Harry Potter Fic: another bend in the road 3. You and Harry are both artists and he gets asked about you. Harry Potter is put in his charge—young, …. ) and Harry and reader have this routine of giving their kids haircuts and it Lily's turn because James and albus are at hogwarts and lily wants reader also get the same haircut as her so they can match (but reader is a little sceptical because she hasn't have short hair for long. Harry wiped his mouth then asked: "So what do you want, Diggory?" "Just to chat, I have always admired you, you know," Cedric replied earnestly. With Death Eaters attacking Hogwarts and Amos was needed in the front line as Mrs Diggory never took her eyes of her son, Cedric had been waiting for Hermione so they could run away together. Harry reads fairy tales and learns that an acre is a precious thing to have. Categories + 18moretakeoutteremok, steak house, and more;Star Wars. Please enjoy them! Carpe Diem (Harry Potter, completed): The future is explained through the past and everything happens for a reason. Cho Chang is fabulous and Jewish and a total dork. He would plan really cute, sometimes surprise, dates. Him trying to convince you to join the team. Cedric became one of the first casualties of the Second. About harry spies on Hermione. This is an appreciation post for the fanfic authors who aren’t included on rec lists. word count: 1k author's notes: so sorry for the long wait, exam week has been killing me but I finally have time to write again (:. Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Angst/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 541 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 7 - Published: Jul 2, 2006 - Harry P. For the fanfic authors who can't get to 1000/500/100 hits. plHeadcanons tumblrHalloween Costumes 2021: Vote for Your Favorite – …Harry …. "Do you want to do the honours and vanish all of this?" Cedric raised his wand, only to stop himself. For the fanfic authors who can’t get to 1000/500/100 hits. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Isabelle Riddle Malum is the daughter of Voldemort, loves by few, feared or hated by most, no friends, and just wishes people wouldn’t always think she is just like her dad. He wants you back but you have bad news for him. Then came the Hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit. " Is,,,, is Harry dead?" asked Hermione in a trembling voice. After the death of the hand, Jon Aryn, the king rides for the north and wants only one thing. The series is distributed by Warner Bros. Cedric was not broken, and Harry would yell at anyone-including Cedric-who said as much. So she ignored the pain, and carried on. › Get more: Harry potter fleur vampire fanfictionDetail Support. This has evolved to one of fanfiction’s …. Cedric would walk you to class, open doors for you, help carry your things, and overall be such a gentleman. Female Oc Hogwarts Magic Slytherin. Harry potter cedric diggory fanfiction keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in …. Daphne Greengrass and the Importance of Intent by Petrificus Somewhatus. She turned back to the twins and Cedric, who were now leaning closer together as they spoke. Charlus was a fearless leader of the United Kingdom, and an unforgiving and ruthless person all around. " Harry stopped after this and the other two sat up straight as Mrs. The main male characters were all good-looking and had unique personalities. In the Quidditch match in Prisoner of Azkaban, Cedric wants a rematch because Harry fell off his broom, taking away the equal chance for . Following the murder of Lily and James, Cassia is taken to Ted and Andromeda Tonks, far away from Harry. Draco malfoy x reader he hits you. " fluff cedric x reader cedric diggory x reader cedric imagine cedric diggory x y/n cedric diggory fluff cedric diggory fic cedric diggory fanfiction harry potter fic hp fic draco malfoy draco malfoy angst cedric diggory oneshot cedric diggory. :) take care, Annette (Eriador117) Summary: Harry/Cedric, Harry/Snape. Remus Lupin was Harry Potter's favorite Hogwarts teacher and a fan-favorite character, but many would be surprised by aspects of his anatomy. The dragon got angry and ran around and stepped on her own eggs in the. Viktor casted a blinding spell into the eyes of the dragon. This group of students were four boys and a girl and were Cedric Diggory's friends, and was often seen with him. Book 4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. When assigned to Team 7, Sakura quickly finds herself ill-prepared for the duties of a shinobi. The guy never goes looking for attention. Hufflepuff made it their mission to make Harry's life a nightmare. Harry Potter is a film series based on the eponymous novels by J. When Hufflepuff and Gryffindor face-off in the first Quidditch match of book three, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry takes a tumble off his broom due to the presence of dementors. Izuku growth spurt fanfiction Izuku growth spurt fanfiction Mar 08, 2021 · Anime Fanfiction Movies Fanfiction Video games Fanfiction Comics Fanfiction…. The two then read about Harry's first year at Hogwarts. But all at once, Edward sprung from the bed in a catlike motion and leapt out of the window. "Cedric!" Harry said, breathing hard. Diggory (reader x draco by cedricdiggoryyyyy 342K 9K 56. Ron's life is marred by a schoolboy crush on Fleur Delacour, but he's helped along by the companionship of Lavender and Parvati as they help him out with the party. Cedric allowed himself to watch the boy for a bit longer. The second option sounds far more intriguing to me, as this can make for a much more credible "Harry as the 3rd faction" story. Cedric pushed Harry's head and shoulders until he was leaning down. Getting Off the hogwarts express holding the cutest most perfect boys hand I taught how lucky am I. Then Tom sics Nagini on Harry, just as she is lunging, Harry quips, "I've seen bigger". Him corrupting the good kids will also be interesting to watch. "C-Cedric, stay with me, p-please! J. Rival seeker, Cedric Diggory, catches the snitch. She finds herself having to deal with Fred and Cedric …. Completed December 18, 2020 LittleMissBroken18. Cassiopeia Malfoy, the stunning daughter of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. ] 1969, London Magnus, a 9-year-old boy got lost while watching a parade with his mummy. Cedric Diggory was too good for the world of Harry Potter. He started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on 1. The Harry Potter series was not short on the male eye candy! Here is a Harry potter boyfriend quiz for you. I did a stupid on theB's stomach growled a little, which was heard by the others. None, it was one of the most glaring nonsenses in the Cursed Child. When he is introduced to the WW, his fortune had been seized and he is in debt. Friend to the Weasley's, Cedric …. Fantasy Romance Draco Malfoy X Oc Cedric Diggory X Oc. 11 years later, the two are accepted into Hogwarts and meet, by chance, at Ollivander's, where the truth about them is finally revealed. Harry had started face-to-face with her late, and then a sudden Death Eaters fed and Madame Maxime, but was left, not sporting red, white. You were devastated about it, but as the years went by, you began to think about him, less. Tumblr is a hard place to find Harry Potter fanfiction because it’s not searchable the way that ffnet and AO3 are. Découvre des vidéos courtes en rapport avec cedric_max sur TikTok. He was in his sixth year at Hogwarts, a prefect for the Hufflepuff house, as well as Quidditch Seeker and captain. de 2010 Summary: When Severus called Lily a Mudblood James got mad. pairing: cheater!Draco Malfoy x fem!reader genre: angst, modern au. " Cedric smiled at the elf as he held out his hands and a basket flew into his hands without another word. Because of it, Harry Potter was allowed to live. Shoto Todoroki Wants to marry Momo yaoyorozu, but she’s not 100% sure, after months of growing …. Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. Cedric Diggory is adored, loved, has a caring family, always surrounded by people, and a Hufflepuff. [Cedric makes it to the Triwizard cup before Harry…. Harry looked into Hermione's eyes. He pulled you into a tight hug. Part of the song goes as follows: And …. And on top of that he was selected as the Hogwarts champion in the Triwizard Tournament. He was said to be exceptionally handsome and could not help but catch the eye of many of the female students. The anger at Harry's existence mixed. Cedric Diggory (1977 - June 24, 1995) was the son of Amos Diggory and his wife. Tags: Professor!Snape, Ravenclaw!Reader, Praise Kink, Love. Harry was the caring and courageous one, while Ron was the sweet and clumsy one. Edward Cullen (born Edward Anthony Masen, Jr. "You just kissed me in public!" He hissed, his face turning a bright red. net DA: 18 PA: 30 MOZ Rank: 50 Harry is interviewed about the events that took place in his fourth year HarryCedric, Written after seeing the Fourth Movie Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,547 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 28 - Follows: 8 - Published: Nov 26, 2005 - Harry P. Harry had his mother's eyes; he knew this for a fact. • Creature harry was something I never really was into until I read this one fanfic. During the 1994–1995 school year, at some point, they were going to Charms class, when Cedric's bag split open, due to Harry Potter casting the Severing Charm on it, in order for him to speak to him privately. Arya Stark was living on the streets of King's Landing. SUMMARY: What Cedric gave Harry was more than just a one-night stand; he gave Harry the courage of his convictions, and Harry will use that. But a blond slytherin throws a spanner into the cogs of their relationship.