piper cherokee parts. The PA-32 performed its maiden flight on December 6, 1963, and was produced from 1965 to 2007. HERR PIPER CHEROKEE CANOPY HERR PIPER CHEROKEE COWL HERR DECAL FOR PIPER CHEROKEE [K-504] HERR HARDWARE PAK PIPER CHEROKEE [K-504] HERR INSTR BOOK PIPER CHEROKEE [K-504] HERR KIT PLAN SHT#A PIPER CHEROKEE [K-504] HERR KIT PLAN SHT#B PIPER. Piper Cherokee Parts; You are bidding on a Piper Cherokee Six 300 Information Manual Book. 1962 piper cherokee 160 project, much work done, many upgrades, new interior, for parts or to complete the cherokee 160 is the middle of the original cherokee line of 4 place airplanes, which includes 180, 160, and 150, those numbers refering to the horsepower of the engine. Serial numbers of the PA-28-150, PA-28-160 and PA-28-180 Cherokee "C" Models are 28-1761 to 28-4377 inclusive. When trimmed properly, the Cherokee is a very stable airplane and can be flown with aileron control alone. Wentworth Aircraft is the world\'s leading supplier of used aircraft parts for single-engine aircraft. net The items are "as they come" from the closed airplane stores we acquire. The installation was straight-forward with no surprises. We offer a wide variety of Brand New Piper Cherokee interior plastic trim and replacement parts. We have one stop shopping for . There's no need to struggle with faded, blotchy text from an old aircraft manual. Air Parts of Lock Haven is a FAA certified repair station (#QK1R429K) that provides a broad array of overhaul and repair services. Hold, Directional Gyro w/ Heading Bug, KLN-90A GPS w/ Moving Map. RAPCO stands for Replacement Aircraft Parts Company. Piper Cherokee 140 parts Armrest Assembly Armrest Assembly Part no. Part Number 753-689 (PR751031) dated 1975 with revision to. The tricycle landing gear is retracted hydraulically, with an electrically-operated pump supplying the hydraulic pressure. For a small plane thats lacking something essential or would benefit from a replacement, a variety of parts and accessories are available. Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity of Piper PA 28 Cherokee IPC parts manual download. The following information should be kept in mind when ordering from this manual: a The serial numbers of the aircraft covered by this Parts Manual are as follows: (1) Serial numbers of the PA-32-260 Models are 32-1 to 32-1110 inclusive. Order your parts online Go to: Catalog Index Go to: Instructions page What can GLAP do for you and your . Aircraft damaged in hangar fire. Cessna - Panel - LH Cabin Door Upholstery (See Details) Show Details. 1966 Piper Cherokee 140 Cruiser Georgia | 3,800 total time. airplanes from Gtory at 2150 pounds gross weight. I would hope Piper would want all owners and A & Ps to have the most current parts and service manuals. This is a complete new restraint assembly for 1 (one) seat - shoulder harness and lap belt. PA-18 Super Cub PA-20 Pacer PA-22 Tri-Pacer PA-25-150 Pawnee PA-28-140 Cherokee Cruiser PA-28-150 / PA-28-160 Cherokee, PA-28-180 Archer PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior, PA-28-161 Warrior II, PA-28-180 PA-28-180 Archer (Early. Throughout the 1950s, Piper had great success in the low-end airplane market The Cherokee has less than half the number of parts as the . Piper Cherokee 28-140 / 28-150 /28-160 / 28-180 / 28-235 / 28R-180 Airplane Parts Catalog Piper Cherokee 28-140 / 28-150 / 28-160 / 28-180 / 28-235 / 28R-180 / 28R-200 Airplane Service. Prices and descriptions are subject to change, and all current prices are in USD. SCS Interiors designs, cuts, and sews leather and fabric seats and sheepskin seat covers, develops Confor Foam kits and carpet and floor mat kits for Piper Cherokee, Saratoga, and many more. Serial numbers of the PA-28-235 Cherokee "D" Models are 28-11301 to 28-11393 inclusive. 99% APR on a 15-year term, and for asking prices higher than $71,765. We manufacture and sell FAA/PMA'd parts for many general aviation and vintage aircraft including Aeronca, Cessna, Piper and Taylorcraft. Delco-Remy Piper Aircraft Voltage Regulator as shown on photo. PIPER CHEROKEE WARRIOR PA28 151 P. HERR PIPER CHEROKEE CANOPY HERR PIPER CHEROKEE COWL HERR DECAL FOR PIPER CHEROKEE [K-504] HERR HARDWARE PAK PIPER CHEROKEE [K-504] HERR INSTR BOOK PIPER CHEROKEE [K-504] HERR KIT PLAN SHT#A PIPER CHEROKEE [K-504] HERR KIT PLAN SHT#B PIPER CHEROKEE [K-504] HERR WOOD BAG. Purchase PIPER Cherokee/Arrow PA-28 AIRCRAFT SUN VISOR Excellent Condition!! in Vancouver, Washington, United States, for US $149. PA-28 AND PA-28R SERIAL NUMBER INFORMATION. Airfix 1/72 00060 Piper Cherokee Arrow. Type-11 00060 Piper Cherokee Arrow. Category: Airframe > Interior-Parts From a: 1962 Beechcraft C23. PIPER "CHEROKEE"/"CRUISER"/"CADET"/"WARRIOR". PA-28 Piper Cherokee Hand Brake Handle assembly as shown on photo. PA 28-160 PA-28R-180 PA-28R-200. 99 Find or Sell any Parts for Your Vehicle in USA Parts for Sale. Pilot Fabric Dual Color $1,070. 00 shipping or Best Offer Piper PA-34 Seneca LH Engine Tachometer Drive Gear Assembly 407010 $175. PN: 63034-02 Alt_PN: 63034-002. 3m BNF Basic Electric Airplane is a scale tribute of the popular PA-28 Cherokee. Minicraft Piper Cherokee Airplane Model Kit (1/48 Scale) Piper PA-28 Cherokee Pilot Front Vinyl Sticker Decal Civil Aviation . Having a pleasant return flight from Pittsburgh in my Cherokee 180, I glanced over my right shoulder to see an arc of clear blue sky surrounding the upper-right corner of the door. These are the newest revisions dated 2009 & 2008. In 1971, Piper released a Cherokee 140 variant called the Cherokee Cruiser 2+2. I would hope the manuals would not be something that Piper would feel they need to sell at a profit. Notify me when this product is available: PARTS. 00 Add to cart; Horton STOL (Piper PA-28) R/H Wing Tip Product DA :422 $ 150. Univair Aircraft Corporation 2500 Himalaya Road Aurora, Colorado 80011 Toll Free Sales: 888-433-5433 Phone: 303-375-8882. PIPER ARROW PA28R-200 PN62988-00 BOTTOM COWL. (2) Serial numbers of the PA-32-260 "B" Models are 32-1111 to 32. Although the aircraft was a total loss, the two passengers survived this accident. 00, Add to Cart 63744-009 - Pin - Hinge - Piper (alt part # 480-747) . PA-32 AND PA-32R SERIAL NUMBER INFORMATION. Piper PA32-260300,PA32R-300 Cheroke Parts Catalog. Is there a lifetime limit on the (airframe) flying hours of an aircraft (specifically the Piper Cherokee)? aircraft-design safety aircraft-limitations piper-pa-28. This illustrated Parts Catalog is designed to provide simple but positive identification of replacement parts for the Piper "CHEROKEE" Model PA-28, manufactured by the Piper Aircraft Corporation of Vero Beach, Florida. A stabilator generates a large pitching moment without a lot of control force. Seats ship very easily in a 20 x 20. Pilot Leather Dual Color $1,500. com, you will find any repair parts you may need, including starters, MAF sensors, injectors, control arms, clutch kits, coils, motor oil, brake fluids, and more for your Jeep Cherokee. Provides additional 7/8" vertical clearance from fairing for tow pin locks. We also offer embossing, de-bossing and embroidery services. Shop our robust aircraft salvage yard online to repair your airplane. 99 shipping or Best Offer Piper Hydraulic Power Pack 38998-005 $1,495. Piper Exhaust Systems and Components. We produce high quality products meeting or . Part numbers depend on which model but the most common are 62154 00. Aircraft Model (s): PA-32-260 Cherokee Six 260. Piper PA-28 Cherokee Aircraft Seat Upholstery. piper air conditioning parts • $400 • make offer • removed form cherokee 160 - alternator, hoses, brackets, pulley bracket 9981-??, regulator, actuator • contact michael moore , owner - located brooklyn, mi 49230 united states • telephone: 517-937-9185 • posted may 4, 2022 • show all ads posted by this advertiser • recommend this ad to a friend …. Piper PA-28 Standard Replacement Parts [TABLE]Welcome to our new Shop by Aircraft parts guide. Serial numbers of the PA-28-235 Cherokee "E" Models are 28-7110001 to 28-7110042 inclusive. Click here for more Western Aircraft Piper capabilities. At this age (many are approaching 30 yrs old) I wonder if parts are an. Piper PA-28 Cherokee Vertical Fin, PN 63500-00, 63500-000 (CALL OR EMAIL TO BUY) This item is new old stock WELCOME TO OUR STORE Welcome to Flying Colors Air. If the price does not contain the notation that it is the total price, the price may or may not include costs such as Stamp Duty, Transfer fees, GST and other State or Federal charges. Lift the door a few inches and the strut will automatically open the door the rest of the way. 3m Replacement Parts Airplanes at HobbyTown. Preferred's inventory includes over 150,000 part numbers of new surplus aircraft parts. PA-31-300 Navajo (1967 - 1969). Starting point is 1C14 in the PA28 2003 Parts manual, but it's an exploded view from the rear. Used 1979 Piper Single Engine Prop. 472-736 Piper PA23-250 Light Tail White W/ Lens (Volts: 14) 01-0770034-08. Piper One Piece Stamped Aluminum Ribs. Brand new interior plastic trim parts for Piper Cherokee PA28, PA32, PA34 and PA44. Today, Hartzell propellers equip the entire prestigious Piper "M Class. Recent: ISO 9001:2015 + AS9120B Phone: 1 (321). 00 Add to cart; Safe Flight Lift Detector Product DA :422 $ 495. Interested in this 1974 Piper Cherokee 6 PA-32-300? Aircraft or parts may be withdrawn from sale at any time. Covers the following models: PA-28-140 / 150 / 160 / 180 / 235 and PA-28R-180 and 200 Arrows. McFarlane Aviation Products Newsletter. Piper Models PA-28 PA-28-140, 150, 160, 180, 235 Models Interior Parts Interior Parts Piper PA-28 Cherokee Interior Parts by Knots 2U. Interior plastic trim parts for Beechcraft, Mooney, Cessna, and Piper series aircraft. Landing gears, actuators, switches · Aircraft cables, pulleys, bellcranks · Piper cowling, cowl flaps and parts · Bearings, bushings, control system parts . Over many years the CPA had been the home of Cherokee Chat, a members only forum in which members were able to learn and provide technical knowledge about flying. Notify me when this product is available: Replacement Parts Piper J-3 Cub R/C HRR302 SELECT PARTS USING THE DROP DOWN MENU. 99) SKU: pa28ipcdl UPC: Availability: instant download Minimum Purchase: 1 unit Maximum Purchase: 4 units. Fuel Quantity Transmitter For Piper Aircraft. Piper Aviation Parts and Accessories Founded in 1927 by William Piper, Piper Aircraft was once considered one of the "Big Three" in the manufacture of planes and aviation parts. Aviation fuel and de-icing alcohol tanks, caps, pumps, senders, gauges. A Wing-walk: Rough, non-slip surface on strengthened part of wing for walking. Owner lost medical so no longer can fly, want to sell. micro vortex generator, Piper Cherokee, vgs, vortex generators, microaero, micro aero dynamics, aircraft accessories, EMAPA, aircraft spruce. An 8130-3 airworthiness certificate. HERR PIPER CHEROKEE KIT PARTS. gov-2022-04-22T00:00:00+00:01 Subject: Piper Cherokee Pa 28 Pa 28r Parts Catalog Manual Keywords: piper, cherokee, pa, 28, pa, 28r, parts, catalog, manual Created Date: 4/22/2022 9:02:50 PM. Its 12-volt alternator provides electrical power at all engine speeds and results in improved performance for radio and electrical equipment and longer battery life. PA-18 Super Cub PA-20 Pacer PA-22 Tri-Pacer PA-25-150 Pawnee PA. Quick view-Piper Seal PN 686-064. The serial numbers of the aircraft covered by this Part Catalog are as . SERIAL NUMBERS AFFECTED 28-1 to 28-507 inclusive 28-21096 to 28-24999 inclusive 28-25000 to 28-7125471 inclusive. Used 2005 Vans Single Engine Prop. w ill faa approved in normal category based on. They're a great alternative when an elevator would be too hard for a pilot to easily move. We've got you covered on parts. Piper wisely installed tabs in the tank filler necks which indicate 36 gallons, making precise partial fueling easy. Piper Cherokee, all Hershey Bar wing models Micro Aero Dynamics. 63036-00 Hook - Door Latch 63036-000. PIPER AIRCRAFT PA-28-181 AIRPLANE PARTS CATALOG 3. Schedule: Piper PA-28 Series (Cherokee, Cruiser, Warrior, Archer, Pathfinder, Dakota and Arrow) Published: 9 September 2011 Effective: 9 September 2011 Applicability: The following model and S/N aircraft not fitted with a main landing gear side brace stud P/N 78717-02 in both LH and RH main landing gear sidebrace bracket assemblies:. In addition to the alternator, the electrical system includes a 25 ampere-hour battery, a voltage regulator and a master switch relay. (6) Serial numbers of the PA-28-180 Cherokee *DW Models are 284378 to . Texas Air Salavgae *** PARTING OUT *** 1966 Piper PA28-140. Piper wasn't concerned with supersonic airflow when designing the Cherokee's tail. com for your quality Piper PA28R-180 thru 200 Parts. Aircraft Maintenance & Service at SAT. Get an email alert when new aircraft are posted matching this. 95]Provides an additional year of warranty. All our products are FAA approved. Vintage Piper Cherokee Six Model PA-32 Weight and Balance Plotter. McFarlane Aviation Products designs and manufactures nearly 2000 different quality FAA-PMA parts. A pictorial summary of the replacement / refurbishment of my Cherokee interior. The 140 has a fuel capacity of 50 gallons. Piper Aircraft built more than 32,000 of the popular light aircraft that was successfully used for flight training and personal use. To view the various models currently available, please check out our Piper aircraft for sale for descriptions and photos or PLACE. Cutter Aviation at San Antonio International Airport is an FAA Designated Repair Station (Certificate #U7TR491Y) and provides scheduled and unscheduled aircraft & engine maintenance, repair and inspection service for a wide range of aircraft from single-engine piston aircraft through multi-engine turbine aircraft. Piper Cherokee PA28-180 C-GOMP Good parts include wings; flight ctrls, Stec 30 autopilot, landing gear, good fuselage, electrical equipment. Category: Airframe > Interior-Parts From a: 1968 Cessna 150J. Cherokee Arrow Owner's Handbook PA28R180 1967 - 1969, $15. EMAIL US or CALL (877) 293-5300 or (501) 745-5300 for a shipping quote. So the people at Piper decided to offer the option of the 300-hp. In this video we'll walk you through all of the parts under the cowling of a piper cherokee and what they each do to help make the engine . Parts listed on this page are from a salvaged 1966 Piper PA28-140:. The Piper PA-28 Cherokee is a family of two-seat or four-seat light aircraft built by Piper Aircraft and designed for flight training, air taxi and personal use. Removed from 1976 Piper Cherokee Part# 494 644 Light Assembly Light Assembly-Panel (A300-W-14) Removed from 1976 Piper Cherokee PA-28-140. Piper Cherokee PA28-180 Control Wheel (Yoke) $525. Piper Aircraft cannot be held liable for damages to parts in transit from the factory. Univair has been providing parts for classic Piper aircraft since 1946. Visit Texas Aeroplastics online, buyplaneplaneparts. Our seats feature all new seat cushioning and all new upholstery with pleated map pockets. Pilot Leather Single Color $1,335. Piper Cherokee 160,PA-28 Compact size CheckMate. This product is either oversized or a speciality item and not available for purchase online, please. Z - Used on PA-28-180 airplanes only. 321-802-5889 321-733-7477 Search; Menu. PIPER CHEROKEE; PIPER CHEROKEE 28-180; Southwind Aviation; Like Us On Facebook. The cruise speed is 129 kts and the stall speed is 49 kts. 169-534092-9 Molding - 2nd Window Used w/o Hat Shelf. PA-32 Piper manuals on a AUTORUN MENU DRIVEN CD. Description: Seal Other Information: This item is new old stock WELCOME TO OUR STORE Welcome to Flying Colors Air Parts store. 28-7325059 […] Compass Assembly Compass Assembly (lighted) Part no. Now Featuring Moderized Seats for your Cherokee. A scale replica of a modern general-aviation classic · Incredibly smooth flight performance making it the perfect choice for a first low-wing or scale model . We now offer these seats in a tapered design just like the later model Archer, Warrior, Dakota, etc. PIPER PARTS CATALOG REVISED: JUNE 10, 2009 PA-28 & PA-28R 1A3 INTRODUCTION This illustrated Parts Catalog provides simple, positive identification of replacement parts for the Piper Model PA-28 CHEROKEE -151/161 manufactured by the Piper Aircraft Corporation of Vero Beach, Florida. Piper Tomahawk Parts Catalog PA-38-112 Part # 761-659 $ 13. Piper Cherokee 140 parts Stall Horn Stall Horn Assembly, Piper, PA - 28 - 140, 14volt. With over 40 years of FAA-PMA aircraft parts manufacturing, Texas Aeroplastics is your store for Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft replacement parts, LED lighting, performance mods, and more. Replacement Parts Piper Cherokee R/C HRR504 SELECT PARTS USING THE DROP DOWN MENU View full product details. Piper PA-28 Cherokee Stabilator Attach Fitting (62645-04) Product DA :422 $ 175. 95 Avion Piper Cherokee Warrior II PA-28-161 Manual de Vol 1978 $ 9. 95 Piper Cheyenne PA-31T & PA-31T1 Progressive Inspection 50hr Cycle Part # 761-520. Pipers bring a higher level of safety, technology and performance to enhance the lives of owners. 1962 Piper Cherokee 160 Illinois | 3,769 total time. Piper CHEROKEE Maintenance Manual - Service Manual, IPC and Other Items Like Service Letters, Service Bulletins. The Archer was the product of the "fuselage II" project which had explored options for creating an airframe with a longer fuselage than the original Cherokee. Our services and products are creative, cost-effective, and unique for each customer. INTRODUCTION The illustrated Parts Catalog is designed to provide simple but positive identification of replacement parts for the Piper “CHEROKEE” Model PA-28 and PA-28R manufactured by the Piper Aircraft Corporation of Vero Beach, Florida, NOTE: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL THIS CATALOG BE USED FOR RIGGING AND INSTALLATION PURPOSES. Showing 1 - 24 of 163 products. Products include cables, engine controls, steering rods, seat rails, engine controls, . Was: Manufacturer: Unbranded Description: Instrument Access Interior Panel Part Number: 26330-00, 26330-000 Removed From: 1968 Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche in December 2021. We like the fully opening cowl, which makes a proper engine preflight easy. This blog is to chronicle my attempt to restore a 1972 Piper Cherokee 140e. 66710-39 Removed from 1973 Piper PA-28-140 (Cherokee 140) Serial No. Piper obviously thought through many features on the Cherokee 140, but this yielded a mixed bag, in our estimation. We dont like screwed-down cowlings that make it impossible to see potential trouble in the engine room. This type of recovery is typical for us in the Northwest. From aircraft sun visors to pedal extensions, we carry the products that increase . Manufacturer = Airfix/Humbrol Product (Humbrol Limited) Incredible PC game bundle, from $10. Please change your search filters and try again. Piper PA28-161 Cherokee Warrior Control Column Tee Bar Assy 62703-033. Piper TURBO DAKOTA Parts Catalog PA-28-201T. 75%) Cherokee 140 Owner's Handbook Created Date:. With a replacement manual, you'll know that you have access to the best maintenance information for your Piper. PA-28 AND PA-28R CHEROKEE PARTS CATALOG CARD 1 OF 4 PA-28-140 PA-28-180 PA-28-150 PA-28-235 PA 28-160 PA-28R-180 PA-28R. 49% APR on a 10-year term, for asking prices of $58,823 - $71,765 assume a rate of 4. AIRPLANE Parts Catalog Piper DAKOTA PA-28-236. Piper Cherokee n Arrow PA-28 parts manual 753-582 2009. Quality FAA-PMA replacement brake parts for Piper aircraft. PIPER PA-28 STANDARD REPLACEMENT PARTS | Aircraft Spruce This is the Complete Factory Piper Cherokee Service Repair Manual & the Illustrated Parts Catalog. PA-28-140 PA-28-150 PA-28-160 PA-28-180 PA-28-235 PA-28R-180 PA-28R-200 PIPER AIRCRAFT CORPORATION (PART NUMBER 753586) Issued: 1972 Revision: 1995. Improved Material for longer life! FAA-PMA approved for Cessna aircraft. This item is: Piper Cherokee PA-32-260, PA-32-300 & PA-32R-300 Parts Manual. We offer a huge selection of new and used airplane parts for sale. FAA-PMA parts for Cessna, Piper, Grumman, and Beechcraft aircraft. Piper structural parts, skins, spars, ribs, formers, bulkheads. The Piper Aircraft Corporation cannot be held liable for damages to parts in . Piper Replacement Parts - Miscellaneous Items. Piper PA-28 Cherokee Challenger. Follow edited Jul 11, 2016 at 17:39. All ranges assume 15% down and for asking prices of $29,411 - $58,822 assume rate of 5. Add to Cart Compare Quick view. Serial numbers of the PA-28R-180 Cherokee Models are 28-30005 to 28-30481 inclusive, and. Piper Products was established in Cudahy, Wisconsin, in 1960, as a small company supplying racks and transport cabinets to local businesses. Plane Parts Company Products. Piper Wing tips from TEXAS AEROPLASTICS. Plane Parts Company Welcome to our online parts catalog. Vast eligibility for Piper PA-22 thru PA-46 aircraft. Piper Aircraft has been one of the most successful and prolific aircraft builders in the history of general aviation. This is the original equipment cover that goes over the landing gear strut valves on all Piper Aircraft. Items include glareshields, control yokes, luggage door struts, door steward, . Piper: PA-28-235: Cherokee Pathfinder: 2: $785: $100: Currently Out of stock: 65805-00: Spinner: Piper: PA28-150,-180,-160,-181: Cherokee, Archer II, 2: $785. These technical manuals include instructions to maintain, service and replace parts on the Piper Cherokee PA-28-140, PA-28-150, PA-28-160, PA-28-180, PA-28-235, PA-28R-180, PA-28R-200 using. Nice Piper Cherokee 180C! S-Tec 30 Auto Pilot w/ Alt. Airframe Parts Piper Cherokee PA28-140 Recovery. 1115 832, 450-396, Delco-Remy Piper Aircraft Voltage Regulator. Fabricated from the same material as our carpets. CHEROKEE TRUNNION MAIN GEAR • PARTS FOR SALE • P/N 65319-04 Piper Cherokee 140 main gear trunnion, inspected and tagged with NDT/Form 1. Light Assembly-Panel (A300-W-14) Removed from 1976 Piper Cherokee PA-28-140. Unlike most used system you find online or at. The big Six is a prodigious people packer. Box 12 Kidron, OH 44636 Ship to: 11234 Hackett Rd. PDF Piper Cherokee Pa 28 Pa 28r Parts Catalog Man by. 3m BNF Basic Electric Airplane (1308mm) w/AS3X & SAFE. Replacement Parts Piper Cherokee R/C HRR504 SELECT PARTS USING THE DROP DOWN MENU. Knots 2U manufactures a full line of fiberglass replacement parts and speed modifications. with lower manufacturing and parts costs to compete with the Cessna 172. Piper Cherokee Parts Catalog (1969) PA28 Series. Piper sells business, personal, and trainer aircraft, with models ranging from J-3 cub to T-1040 to PA-44-180T. Our parts are thoughtfully designed and precision manufactured using CNC technology to ensure a consistent and optimum fit while preserving the look and texture of the original factory parts. Piper Parts Catalog/ Piper Parts Manual. Our airframe parts protect your plane and add comfort to your cockpit. The company's PA-24 series—precursor to the Cherokee line and first available with 180 HP—eventually was offered with 250, 260 and a whopping 400 HP, plus a popular twin-engine version. We had to unthread the plane from the trees, but we were able to do so with minimal impact. Throttling back to 65 percent, the Saratoga is good for 144 knots at 13. Kent Cook Aircraft: 1974 Piper Cherokee 140 Reg#: N44507 S/N: 28-74254419 $50,000: TTAF: 3260. FAA-PMA: PENDING Piper PA32-260 Arm Rest RH Known Model Compatibility: PA32-260 PA32-300 Serial Range: 32-1 thru 32-1110 32-40000 thru 32-40565 Applicable Years: (1968) Replaces OEM Part Number (s): 65768-01 Material: Kydex MSRP: $155. Good parts include wings; flight ctrls, Stec 30 autopilot, landing gear, good fuselage, electrical equipment. INTRODUCTION The illustrated Parts Catalog is designed to provide simple but positive identification of replacement parts for the Piper "CHEROKEE" Model PA-28 and PA-28R manufactured by the Piper Aircraft Corporation of Vero Beach, Florida, NOTE: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL THIS CATALOG BE USED FOR RIGGING AND INSTALLATION PURPOSES. Embroidered registration numbers are available. it has everything you need to know about the Piper Cherokee six PA-32-260. The illustrated Parts Catalog is designed to provide simple but positive identification of replacement parts for the Piper “CHEROKEE”. , Owner - located Hawkestone, ON L0L 1T0 Canada • Telephone: 705-484-5667 • Fax: 705-484-5606 • Posted April 7, 2022 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend. It had never lifted off that easily before…I am now climbing faster with a solid feel to the controls and the ride. “We have most anything for these airplanes, including parts the factory can’t or won’t sell you. 1966 Piper Cherokee 180C in excellent condition. PA32 Cherokee Six 6 Shop SERVICE MANUAL - This is a Piper Cherokee Six Service Manual It covers: Related: 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK Parts. 00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings. 99 13445-004, 13445-04, PA-24-250 Piper Comanche Roller Chain Assembly $69. Product DA : 469 Product Number: 67317-05_1 Category: Control Yokes Manufacturer: Piper. Eligibility tables with item descriptions, figure reference and part numbers can be found on the following pages. The 260-hp versions top out at 135 to 140 knots on 14 gph, while the slicker Saratoga (with 300 hp) is capable of 148 knots at 75-percent power on 16 gph. It is suggested that this catalog be thoroughly studied. If a shipment is received in a damaged condition,. But after taking a closer look, the Cherokee manuals don't appear to be copyrighted. SECTION VI Power Plant Group SERIAL NUMBERS AFFECTED 28-1 to 28-507 inclusive 28-508 to 28-1410 inclusive. box or we offer the seat upholstery. Y - Used on PA-28-150 and PA-28-160 airplanes only. Sep 7, 2017 - Interior plastic replacement parts for Piper PA-28-180 type aircraft. Piper Cherokee PA-32-260 Checklist NOTE: Checklists other than the manufacturer's books should be personal creations and should be verified to match proper procedures. The pneumatic luggage door strut is FAA-PMA'd and STC'd for all Piper PA-28 luggage / baggage doors. This is the Complete Factory Piper Cherokee Service Repair Manual & the Illustrated Parts Catalog. Piper PA28-140 exhaust, Cherokee 140, Cruiser exhaust: Piper PA28-140 exhaust, s/n 28-20002 thru 28-7125471. You can work with your local Piper dealer, or you can work directly with Boeing. Luggage Door Pneumatic Strut Kit. Piper PA28 Cherokee Long Range Structural Stainless Fuel Tank Screw Kit. Size HERR HARDWARE PAK PIPER J-3 CUB [K-302] HERR INSTR BOOK PIPER J-3 [K-302] HERR KIT PLAN SHT#A PIPER J-3 [K-302] HERR KIT PLAN SHT#B PIPER J-3 [K-302] WOOD BAG. The Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six was designed and built by Piper Aircraft as a family of single-engined fixed undercarriage, light aircraft introduced in 1965. 1966 Piper PA-28-180 "Cherokee 180" (N9085J, s/n 28-3122) Overview 2. Piper PA-30 PA-39 Twin Comanche parts Manual or Parts Catalog $75. For over 50 years, we've responded to customer needs in every variety of bakery and food service application. Request a quote on any product using our pricing and availability form. *Payments stated above assumes a secured consumer loan transaction available to highly qualified applicants. First, Piper already approved the installation of the toe brake system at the factory and all the parts are Piper-produced. 1973 AIR CONDITIONED Piper Cherokee 140 - 3150TT, 600 SMOH, L3 ADSB in and out transponder. The PA-28 family of aircraft comprises all-metal, unpressurized, single-engined. Piper - LATCH ASSEMBLY - Door auxiliary white handle (See Details) 63035-00 Pan - Door Latch 63035-000. “We are a leader in Piper Cherokee parts, from 140 through Arrow and Archer, to the Six and Lance,” Wentworth said. Piper has made it simple for you to maintain your aircraft and that means easily locating approved aftermarket parts and support on Boeing (formerly . W - These parts rns be ordered from Service Spares Department, Piper Aircraft, Lock Haven, Penna. 99 Get it Thu, Feb 3 - Mon, Feb 7. Since the introduction of the Comanche and Apache in the mid 1950s, Hartzell propellers have been standard equipment on most of Piper's product lines. The Cherokee Six and the Saratoga turn in similar performance numbers. Items include glareshields, control yokes, luggage door struts, door steward, flap handle covers, and yoke emblems. Piper Aircrafts For Sale: 367 Aircrafts - Find Piper Aircrafts on Aero Trader. We stock parts for these Piper airplanes:. This plane is the 'dog' of the airport and has been sitting untouched for 10 years. New Products Coming Soon! Direct replacements for the frequently replaced 1517102 series for less!. Piper Replacement Parts - Main / Nose / Landing Gear. Parts listed on this page are from a salvaged 1966 Piper PA28-140 Piper - 22482-00 - Scoop-Air Autoflite Cooling Piper - 402 057 - BOLT - Eye Lower Door Hinge (AN44-17A) Piper - 402 057 - BOLT - Eye Upper Door Hinge (AN44-17A) Piper - 452 015 - BARREL - Turnbuckle (NAS649B8S) Piper - 472 969 - Lighter-Cigar. We also regularly part out Senecas, both. Search our listings for used & new airplanes updated daily from 100's of . If it goes on your Piper, there's a reasonable chance we have it in stock. Knots 2U provides a series of interior parts for Piper PA-28 Models. Piper Main and Nose Gear Parts from Aircraft Supply. To order parts directly through Boeing: 2750 Regent Blvd. With years of combined aviation experience, Air Parts of Lock Haven has been serving customers for over 26 years! We are located at the Piper Memorial Airport - LHV and have a proud history of providing exceptional. Over 130,000 aircraft later, generations have lived that dream.